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Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Last Specter Boxart.jpg
Developers LEVEL-5
Brownie Brown
Publishers LEVEL-5JP
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Dates November 26, 2009JP
October 17, 2011NA
November 25, 2011EU
December 1, 2011AU
Alternate Names Professor Layton and The Spectre's CallEU
Genre Adventure/Puzzle
Mode Single Player
Ratings A: All Ages (CERO)
E: Everyone (ESRB)
7+ (PEGI)
PG: Parental Guidance (ACB)

Professor Layton and the Last Specter ((レイトン教授と魔神の笛, Reiton Kyōju to Majin no Fue) is the fourth game in the Professor Layton series and the first in the second trilogy. It is set 3 years before the events of Curious Village and tells the story of how Luke Triton became Layton's apprentice. Unlike other games in the series, this game contains an RPG side-story called London Life that can be played at any time aside from the main story, and is touted to last for 100 hours. This was excluded from the European versions of the game, due to time constraints on having to localize for each European language.


[edit] Chapters

Prologue: So We Meet Again
Chapter 1: The Fog of Misthallery
Chapter 2: The Boy Who Foretold Disaster
Chapter 3: The Specter Appears
Chapter 4: The Shadowy Manipulator
Chapter 5: The Witch's Castle
Chapter 6: London's Hidden Secrets
Chapter 7: Third Eye Jakes
Chapter 8: Face to Face with the Specter
Chapter 9: The Specter Becomes Clear
Chapter 10: A Legend Revealed
Epilogue: The Last Gift

[edit] Mysteries

Mystery Solved

    The Letter From Clark
    Layton received a letter from his old friend Clark, which held a hidden message with. Why would Clark use such a roundabout way to enlist his aid?

    The letter was actually written by Clark's son, Luke. He sought the Professor's assistance and wrote in code to conceal his urgent plea for help.

Mystery Solved

    The Golden Garden
    The town Misthallery is said to lie over the remains of a great golden garden, built by an ancient civilisation. Does it truly exist, or is it merely legend?

    Beneath Misthallery Lake lies a lost world whose prehistoric eco system has been preserved to this day. That is the true identity of Misthallery's Golden Garden.

Mystery Solved

    Luke's Prophecy
    Luke seems to be able to predict precisely where and when the specter will appear, but how?

    Luke used his ability to talk to animals to speak to a mouse called Toppy and predicted where the Specter would next strike based on the rodent's information.

Mystery Solved

    Mist Upon the Town
    Since the specter appeared, the town has experienced unusually thick fog. Is this also the work of the specter?

    The fog was artificially created using the water in the canals so as to conceal the specter's identity.

Mystery Solved

    The Flute Echoes
    The sound of the flute which controls the specter can be heard throughout the town, despite there being no one in sight to play it. What causes this phenomenon?

    The Specter's flute was auctioned to Evan Barde and came into his daughter's possession. The sound echoed through the old pipes which ran though the town.

Mystery Solved

    The Black Raven
    An enigmatic man calling himself 'The Black Raven' rules the Black Market from the shadows. What could be his true identity?

    The Black Raven turned out to be a character played by the children of the market. Working asa group, they all assumed the role to test those who seek the black market.

Mystery Solved

    The Witch
    Only misfortune befalls those who speak ill of the girl who lies on Highyard Hill, whom the townsfolk calls the witch of calamity. A mere superstition? Or something else?

    Arianna's curse was in fact inflicted by her little brother Tony, who, in defence of his sister, played tricks on anyone who spoke badly of her.

Mystery Solved

    Evan Barde's Death
    There are many unresolved questions surrounding the death of Evan Barde. What really happened that day?

    Chief Constable Jakes admitted that Evan Barde's death was just an accident, but that Barde's will was forged to leave everything to Clark, the only witness.

Mystery Solved

    Third Eye Jakes
    The name of Chief Constable Jakes has risen to legendary status through his purportedly perfect track record for solving crimes. Some say he was chosen by fate...

    Chief Constable Jakes used his cronies as he saw fit in order to twist the truth and make it appear as if he had solved all his cases.

Mystery Solved

    The Specter
    Arianna used the Specter's Flute to command a giant aquatic beast called Loosha, but Loosha is not the Specter that has been laying waste to the town. So what is?

    The specter was a specialised mining machine operated by a certain villain for the purpose of locating the ancient Golden Garden hidden in Misthallery.

[edit] Trailers

[edit] Reception

Review Scores
Site Score
Game Informer8.5/10
Giant Bomb4.5/5
Aggregation Scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 84.08%
GameTab (1up) 52

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