Randall Ascot

Randall Ascot
Role Major Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Stansbury
Other Names Masked Gentleman*
Master Randall*
Voice Actors English:
Yuri Lowenthal
Yūsuke Yamamoto
Kanako Toujou*
Relations Mrs. Ascot*
Other Angela Ledore*
Henry Ledore*
Hershel Layton*
Alphonse Dalston*
Jean Descole*
Occupation Budding Archaeologist

Randall Ascot is a young man from the town of Stansbury and was good friends with Professor Layton when they were growing up. He is a major character within Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


[edit] Appearance

Randall Ascot has red, choppy hair with black-framed, square glasses. He also wears an orange scarf, a purple jacket, blue trousers with a brown belt, black shoes and a lilac and white striped shirt.

As a young child, Randall wore a white long sleeved shirt with red and blue stripes around the upper torso, and red pants. He also wore dark brown shoes and white socks, and had red hair.

[edit] Puzzles

Randall gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Randall is seen fencing with Hershel Layton, and after some time, he beats Hershel, meaning he would have to join Randall on one of his expeditions that night. Hershel insisted he wasn't interested in archaeology, but Randall asks him if he even had a sense of adventure. He tells him this time would be different, and that he was onto something big, deeming it to be the find of the century.

During Mr. Collins' class, he is discussing Donald Rutledge's "Ancient Histories", and brings up a problem relating to fossils, in which Randall offers to solve. After calling the puzzle "basic", he speaks up while Mr. Collins is speaking, asking if he thought the Mask Of Chaos existed. After being told to stop wasting his time, Randall apologizes.

After the class finishes, Hershel asks Randall why he would be so daft in winding up Mr. Collins with his business about the Mask of Chaos, and tells him to come by his house if he was really interested. They run into Alphonse Dalston in the hallways, and he asks why he was so interested in archaeology if it wasn't going to earn him cash, but speculated it was because he wanted to get out of Stansbury. Randall tells him he likes the village, but was only leaving to get his degree at Gressenheller University. Upon exiting the building, he spots Angela on the balcony of a classroom, and she soon comes down to join the pair. He tells them had the Mask of Chaos to show them, and tells them both to come around to his place that night.

Once Hershel and Angela arrives, he tells them he had been waiting ages, but goes ahead and shows them he had found the real Mask of Chaos. Hershel and Angela ask if it was a fake, but he assures them it is the genuine article. He discovered something else about the mask that Donald Rutledge hadn't, and that was a location to lead them to a place where there was treasure, as well as a lost civilization. Hershel asks him where he had found the mask, and reveals a part of his wall with a complex puzzle on it, which he had to solve in order to find it.

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
Continuing from last time, Randall reveals to Hershel Layton and Angela that he had cracked the puzzle of the Wall of Norwell. He apologizes for not telling Angela sooner, as he wanted to see the look on her face as he revealed everything. He goes on to say that the wall was discovered 30 years ago when the forest on the outskirts of Stansbury was being cleared to make way for more houses. It became a popular tourist attraction, and researchers tried to solve its riddle, but after trying and failing, it was soon forgotten about. After being asked what the wall meant, he wanted to take them there to reveal it.

After climbing out of his room, Angela notes how dark it was, and suggest they take torches. Randall assure her they would be fine, as they have the stars and wouldn't be going too far into the forest. Upon entering Pebble Lane, they meet Dalston, who had asked where they were sneaking off to. He tells him it was merely an expedition, and invites him along, however Dalston declines, calling it a waste of time. He was more worried of making something of himself in the future, but Randall tells him he wouldn't be in history books like him.

As they approach the gate to the forest, he tells the others they were getting near, however both Hershel and Angela tell him to not be so melodramatic, but he tells them it was only for motivation. They find the gate locked, however Randall easily solves the puzzle that was locking it, and they move forward into the forest. The others note how dark it is, but Randall tells them they can stick to the tourist's path just by reading the sign nearby, however they notice it was broken. After fixing it, they continue forward. Randall rushes on ahead, and notices some footprints along the bridge.

They finally make it to the Wall of Norwell, and tells the others he hadn't completely worked out what it meant, but was certain it was one big map. He shows a portion of the wall to Hershel, and tells him to solve the puzzle the wall had presented using the same principles as the fossil puzzle Mr. Collins had presented that day. He tells the others that the wall was a map that lead to a particular destination, which was a hill that lay past Stansbury. He followed the map, and found the mask at this destination. He unfortunately couldn't find the mask's other half, but did find a stone tablet that lay with the mask, which described that the mask was also a key to finding ancient treasure. He believes the mask belongs to an ancient civilization older than recorded history, and that they had more advanced technology than their own. Randall also reveals that the mask itself was a map, leading to the Akbadain Ruins, and he wanted Hershel to go with him. By this time, Angela had enough, and snatches the mask from Randall, and runs away.

They chase after her, and finally find her on Memory Knoll, where she is crying with the mask in her hands. He assured her everything would be fine, and she reveals to him that her brother went on an expedition, but never returned. He continued to convince Angela to let him go, but she didn't want him to endanger himself. He needed her help, as he didn't want to live in his father's shadow. Henry then appears, reassuring Angela that Randall would indeed return, and would be his last expedition. Puzzled, Randall agrees as to not upset Angela. He then gets Henry to escort her home, as she was exhausted.

In a special episode, Angela meets Randall at Memory Knoll, where he tells her that him and Henry were discussing his research. He wonders whether the Azran Civilization had connections with the Wall of Norwell, and as he explains this, she giggles because he look so passionate. He wanted to work hard to become a respected archaeologist, so that they could both get married, but he stop himself from telling her this. They then go to his house for tea, as it was getting cold.

Once Henry and Angela leave, he takes Hershel back to his house to make sure they had enough supplies for their trip. Once he gathers everything together, Henry brings in some tea, and he thanks him for helping him out. He tells Hershel that Henry had been helping him with his research, and so Hershel asks if Henry would be joining them on the trip. However, he wouldn't be, as Randall says that his father would discover their plan straight if Henry were to join. He then tells Hershel to go home and get rest for their big discovery the following day.

Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain
Randall and Hershel Layton are about to set out for Akbadain, when Henry appears with Angela, to let her say goodbye to him. He was to get Henry to deliver his special pendant to her, but gives it to her himself, and tells her to look after it for him until he came back. He promises Angela he would be careful, and then sets off for his destination.

Hershel asks if Angela would be okay, and he says that she was usually like that. He then tells Hershel that they were heading for Thornley's Gorge, which is south of Stansbury. He had analyzed the Mask Of Chaos for three months, and after researching a myriad of ancient symbols and signs, he figured out that it was all connected to the Azran Civilization. The theory had never been proven, however it was discussed in Donald Rutledge's "Ancient Histories", but now he is certain the Azrans built the Akbadain Ruins. They finally find the ruins, in which they had to descend down a dangerous cliff. Hershel reminded him that he promised Angela nothing dangerous would be involved, but he reminds him of his famous words "No risk, no glory". He told Hershel he could go back home, but rather he were there, so they both descend the cliff together.

They finally make it into the ruins, and Hershel is surprised since they hadn't planned for such a large expedition. Randall didn't seem to mind however, and ran Hershel through his strategies. He gives Hershel a shovel as a gift, saying that every good explorer needed one. They come across a room with two buttons in the floor and a door blocking their path. Randall tries pushing the door to no avail. Randall then tries standing on the first switch, which does nothing, as well as the second switch. Hershel then stands on the other switch while Randall was on the first one, and the door opens. At this point, Hershel knew Randall had known what to do, and was glad Hershel was there as a reminder to use teamwork. They come to another room with similar mechanics, but this time there are mummies guarding the door. Randall makes a dash for one of the switches, while Hershel is expected to take care of the mummies. After doing so, they advance to the next room.

Upon entering the second floor, they find a boulder blocking their path, however Hershel figures to push it out of the way. They then come to a room with a gap in the floor, again blocking their path; however, they figure to push the boulders into the gap, creating a walkway.

The pair make it to the third level, and Randall comments on how "other-worldly" it felt. Hershel asks how much further it was to go, as his parents would be worried about him. Randall knew his mother would be worried, but his father would understand; Randall's father always told him to stop going on his "foolish" adventures so he could study hard to take over the estate, and even Angela was turning against him. Henry was the only one that supported him, and he needed the support of Hershel as well.

They come across a whole glowing patch of dirt, but before they can dig it up, a large boulder begins to chase them, almost running them over. Hershel could see Randall was thrilled by the brush of death, and he tells Hershel it's okay to admit he was having fun. They come across the mummy room on that floor, and notice a red mummy, which is said to move twice as fast as regular mummies. Hershel felt it was getting a little dangerous, but Randall could sense he liked the danger. They move to the next puzzle room, which made them seemingly blocked again. Randall notices a switch and a lever that needed to be activated at the same time, but were both out of reach, however they eventually get through.

They make it to the fourth floor, and Randall started to wish that Henry came along, but Hershel reminds him he had to stay behind to cover for them. Randall tells him how Henry went everywhere with him until he was trained as a butler. Henry had the qualities that his father valued, unlike him, who had never valued anything Randall had. He puts that behind him and presses on with Hershel, in the hopes to bring back treasures and tales for Henry and Angela.

They then come across a large room, and large mechanical mummies on spinning tops come out of the walls to attack. They find swords on the sides of the wall to use them to attack the mummies. While fighting one of the mummies, Randall's sword breaks, and so Hershel covers for him. He notices cracks in the ground, and so figures out how to lead the mummies down a hole.

Descending to the fifth floor, they notice blue crystals in the floor, however Randall doesn't think they were worth much. They were blocking the way, and so Randall tried to smash it with a boulder, however it would budge and the boulder needed momentum. With the needed momentum, it smashes the crystal and they advance. They come across a door with many similar keys accompanied. They open the door, and Randall comments on how the Azran had a sense for dramatic build-up, making the "boring" door into a "mysterious" door. Soon they approach another mummy room, this time with a new sort of mummy; one with spikes on its back. Burying one of these mummies would cause the spikes to stick out of the ground, blocking the path. They get through, and Randall notes that thrill was all part of being an explorer, but Hershel reminds him that this would be his last adventure; Randall tells him to live in the now, and it was now that mattered.

They descend to the sixth floor, and Randall felt they were getting close. Hershel doubted they would find the treasure in a place so deep, but Randall refused to give up, as he wanted to discover things Rutledge hadn't, and become a world famous archaeologist. He spilled to Hershel that once he did, he intended on asking Angela to marry him, and so Hershel cooperated.

They eventually find a split path, and once Randall begins taking the left path, a large boulder drops down, separating the two. Hershel asks if Randall was okay, and he was seemingly unscathed. He offered to get help, but Randall decided to continue down the path, in the hope that their paths would soon connect, and so they continue separately.

At the next mummy room, their paths reconnect, and Randall uses a boulder to smash the crystals in his path. He assists Hershel in defeating the mummies from higher ground with the boulders provided, and pushes down a boulder for him to push onto the second switch. Eventually, Hershel is able to advance, meanwhile Randall's path splits off again. Once again, their paths meet, and after traversing through an elaborate path, they finally reunite to travel down to the next level.

They travel down to the seventh level, and Randall can "smell" that the Azran treasure was close. Hershel wondered how much further it would be, as he didn't think such a place wasn't built to live in. During their traverse, Randall begins to speculate what the treasure could be. Hershel wonders if he was worried that they could only be halfway there, but he wasn't worried at all, as there was no place he'd rather be. Upon reaching the next mummy room, Randall felt they were close to the treasure, as the defenses were heavy. After getting through, Randall could see a great archaeologist in Hershel, but he still didn't think it was for him, despite thinking it was a little fun. Randall thought it would be a great idea if they could be partners, but the excitement they were experiencing was enough for Hershel to handle.

They descend to the eighth floor, and they could feel that the air was different, feeling a slight breeze. This suggested there was a way outside, and they finally find it. They find a door on the other side of a pool of water, and so they travel across the rocks. Hershel accidentally activates a trap, and the water starts to drain out. Hershel and Randall quickly make their way to the other side; Hershel makes it safely, but Randall jumps to try and make it, and Hershel catches him. Hershel tells Randall he couldn't hold on, and told him to drop the mask so that he could grab his other hand. Randall tried to hand the mask to Hershel, but he slipped out of Hershel's grasp, falling down the deep ravine.

After Akbadain
After falling down the large chasm that opened up in the final chamber of the Akbadain Ruins, Randall fell into an underground river and was carried to Craggy Dale. The villagers nursed him back to health, however the incident caused him to develop amnesia, failing to remember anything about himself. He stayed in Craggy Dale for the next 18 years under Firth's care, working as a farmer, in the hopes of remembering his old life.

Two months before the events of Miracle Mask, Randall is sent a letter by Jean Descole, detailing his life and framing Henry Ledore for his misfortunes. After reading the name, Randall fully regains his memories, and quickly becomes full of hatred. With an ulterior motive in mind, Descole suggests Randall takes revenge on Henry by becoming the Masked Gentleman and terrorizing Monte d'Or. Randall then flees Craggy Dale in pursuit of revenge.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
After Professor Layton saves Luke from the dangerous ropes, the Masked Gentleman takes off his guise to reveal himself as the long-missing Randall. He wanted to take back everything that Henry had stolen from him; the treasure, his family fortune, and Angela. Henry wanted to explain, but Randall wasn't interested in hearing him out. Layton asks where he had been for the past 18 years, and so he explains.

18 years ago when he and Layton had explored the Akbadain Ruins, he fell down the giant chasm; he could have died, but an underground river broke his fall, and he was washed into a remote village, where he was nursed back to health. He recovered, but he couldn't tell them anything about himself, as he had amnesia. He worked on a farm in the village, trying to regain his memory, however years went by and he couldn't remember his old life. One day, he had received a letter, detailing his old life to him, and stating that Henry had betrayed him. When he read Henry's name, he instantly remembered everything, and all that had been taken from him. The letter also stated that, in order to exact his revenge, he would need to don the garb of the Masked Gentleman. The letters continued to be sent, telling him how to execute his plans, and with each part of the plan, he felt that the Masked Gentleman had "brought him back". After finishing his recount, he runs out to the roof of the Reunion Inn, with the others in pursuit.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Randall appears on the roof of the Reunion Inn, proceeding to detonate bombs in the cliff faces, attempting to bury Monte d'Or in sand. He warns the others that all roads leading out of Monte d'Or were blocked off, and disappears.

Once Professor Layton solves the final puzzle in the chamber of the Akbadain Ruins, it starts to elevate to its original position, which leaves him confused as to what was happening. Layton tells him it was a secret of the Azran, and tells him to stop.

Epilogue: The City of Miracles
Professor Layton reveals to Randall that what has happened was the Akbadain Ruins elevated to it original position; it was something they couldn't discover 18 years ago, as they were distracted by tales of fortune. Randall was impressed he solved the riddle of Akbadain, even though archaeology was originally nothing more than a passing fancy for Layton. He then reveals to Randall that he was used, and that everything in the letters was a lie. He was confused, but Layton went on to explain that there was someone behind the Masked Gentleman, and that person turned out to be Descole disguised as Angela.

Randall felt like a fool for being used, however he was still angered that Henry had taken everything from him, but Layton dismisses this. He and Henry decide to tell him the truth behind Monte d'Or, and so Layton begins to tell him that after he disappeared, everyone was distraught, and his parents' businesses failed, leaving their house in disrepair. In turn, Henry supported them with his new found wealth, after risking his life by searching for him in the ruins and finding the treasure Randall had been searching for. Since he couldn't truly replaced what they had lost, he worked hard to build Monte d'Or, and cared for his parents. Angela confirms this was true; he never stopped searching for him in the ruins as he believed he would come back someday. He built the Reunion Inn so that there would be a base near the ruins, and was the first building developed in Monte d'Or. The Reunion Inn became bigger and thrived, due to the several large rewards Henry offered to find Randall. From there, businesses and hotels came into existence, and thus creating a full city. Randall was speechless that Henry would go to this effort for him. Henry had gone to the effort to spend his life preserving everything of Randall's, however he was still confused about his marriage to Angela. She shows him the pendent he had given her 18 years ago, and reveals her marriage to Henry was fake. He had asked her to "wait for Master Randall with him", as her parents were pressing her to marry Alphonse Dalston. Henry helped Angela to believe he would return someday, and agreed to pretend to be married until Randall returned, as he vowed to protect everything of his.

Sheffield wheels Mrs. Ascot out, and he is shocked to see his mother. She tells him that Henry had taken such good care of her, and wouldn't know what she would have done without him. He never thought he would see her again, and was glad. Layton then shows Randall a document that all properties were owned by the Ledore family, but reveals he is a third party member, and that everything was actually in his name. Layton reveals that Henry had created a replica of the Mask Of Chaos, but as a symbol for the city. When the Masked Gentleman appeared, Angela knew the police would come asking questions, and so hid the mask and claimed it had been stolen. Randall began to regret his actions, but Henry told him he wasn't himself, and assured him everything would be okay.

An aftershock then cause the ground to open up, and Randall begins to fall through. Layton catches him before he could fall, but Randall tells him to let go, as he didn't deserve to live. Before he could slip out of Layton's grasp, Henry grabs him, and they both pull him up. He asks Henry why he had done everything for him, and it was because he always looked out for Henry, and stood up for him. Henry came to realize that their friendship was his most valuable treasure, and meant more to him than anything else. Randall was speechless, but Henry says he knew he would return, joking that they didn't know he would take so long. At last, Randall was finally home.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "How exciting!"
  • "Here's my answer!"
  • "Leave this to me!"
  • "Listen to this, Hershel!"
  • "Here is the answer."
  • "Time to solve this little puzzle!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Just leave it to me!"
  • "Solving puzzles is what I'm best at!"
  • "I'm sure of it!"
  • "Every puzzle has an answer!"
  • "There is no puzzle without a solution!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "I hate being wrong..."
  • "Well, it happens..."
  • "Too bad."
  • "Every failure is a doorway to success!"
  • "Everyone makes mistakes!"

[edit] Biography

"The true identity of the Masked Gentleman was none other than Layton's old friend Randall, mistakenly incensed with revenge after finding his legacy and his dearest stolen away by his best friend. Despite this, his lovable character stayed the same and his friends never really left his side."

"At 17 years, Randall is equally ardent in his passion for his girlfriend Angela and for exploring ruins. He'll get almost everyone wrapped up in his plans, but most take this as a sign of his friendship. Despite his excellent eyesight, he wears glasses to mimic a famous archaeologist." ~ Young Randall

[edit] Trivia

  • Professor Layton and Randall used to participate in a fencing class together as teens.
  • Although Randall wears glasses, he has perfect vision. He wears them to mimic a well known archaeologist.
  • Randall states that he is a champion sprinter.
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