Research Facility

Outside The Research Facility

The Research Facility is a location found in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It is managed by Dimitri Allen, who you wish to meet up with once you are there. Instead, you are greeted by various members of the family including Bostro, Shmarton and Shmelmey along with Don Paolo who appears from out of the shadows unexpectedly. It is then revealed Don Paolo has been spying on the team by disguising as Dean Delmona and Andrew Schrader. Although Professor Layton has already realised this because Dean Delmona is actually bald, hence his hair will not by white because he has no hair. You come to the aid of Horace who encourages you to proceed into the Research Facility to rescue him, Avogadro and Cuthbert, three scientists who were kidnapped by Dimitri Allen and told if they could make a Time Machine, he will send them back to London.

To get to the Research Facility, you travelled through an underwater tunnel under the River Thames.

[edit] Images

The Door you need to unlock in the Research Facility
The main corridor with Horace and Cuthbert
The Research Facility's Main Entrance
The Ammunition room when you knock out Shmarton and Shmelmey with a wooden crate
The Ammunition Room
The Shutter you have to open to progress further
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