Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard
Scotland Yard AL.png
Located In London
Appearances Unwound Future
Last Specter
Azran Legacy
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Chapter Accessible Chapter 5: The Forgotten Case*
Chapter 6: London's Hidden Secrets*
Chapter 3: A Day Out in London*
No. of Hint Coins 12*
West Exit Florist*

Scotland Yard is a location found in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Professor Layton and the Last Specter and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It shares similarities to the real Scotland Yard in real life London by its building structure. Scotland Yard has 7 main staff who you come across in the games, these people are Barton, Inspector Clamp Grosky, Inspector Chelmey, Leonard Bloom, Colby, Monica, and Carmichael. Barton's father Inspector Gilbert worked here around 15 years prior to Unwound Future but was shot on duty because of a mistake which Inspector Chelmey made when he was starting out as a police officer. In Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, it is lead by the Commissioner.


[edit] Appearance

Scotland Yard is a large building located on a corner street, with a flight of stairs on the corner of the building leading up to the entrance. A bus stop is located outside the building, with a rubbish bin and fire hydrant located to the right. The Big Ben can be seen in the distance.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Reception

The reception is the main entrance room of Scotland Yard. A variety of characters can be found here during the games, including Colby and Inspector Grosky.

The room consists of a seating area along the right wall, as well as a potted plant and a magazine rack on the left wall. Stairways leading to the Second-Floor Desk and Archives can be seen in the hall, and a light shines in the center of the room. In Azran Legacy, the reception gets a slight redesign, with seating now on both sides, and overall appearing to be larger in space.

[edit] Chelmey's Office

Chelmey's office is the office belonging to Inspector Chelmey. The room is rather messy and filled with case files, and is also used by Barton.

The room consists of a small table surrounded by sofa chairs, and large window on the back wall overlook's Chelmey's desk. The desk itself is stacked with papers, and the left wall is lined by a shelf filled with books. A pile of boxes are placed below the bookshelf, while a variety of notes are pinned to the wall.

[edit] Bloom's Office

Bloom's office is the office belonging to Leonard Bloom. It is vacated after his arrest, however Carmichael can be found here.

Three narrow windows are placed on the back wall, where Bloom's desk sits. An old telephone lays on his desk, and a low-hanging ceiling light hangs in the center of the room. A variety of shelves with books line the walls, and framed artifacts hang on the left wall.

[edit] Second-Floor Desk

The second-floor desk is located above the reception. Monica can always be found here.

The reception desk is made of brick, and contains a large shelf filled with books behind it. A variety of notices are placed along the counter, and a potted plant is placed to the left. A door is also placed behind the counter.

[edit] Archives

The archives are located in a room below the building. This is where previous case files are kept on record, and Professor Layton and the group consult the archives a few times throughout the games.

The room is lined with tall bookshelves, filled with books and case files on either sides. Boxes filled with more case files can be seen lying around the room. Past the stepladder, there are more filled boxes and bookshelves, as well as a small desk with stacked papers on it. The room is dimly lit, and is described as having a "musty" smell.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Unwound Future

In this game, Professor Layton needed evidence to back up one of his theories that were developing and so he visited the Scotland Yard Archives to try and pinpoint it. It is also here where Barton and Colby gives you quite challenging puzzles to solve. Professor Layton also convinces Inspector Chelmey here to visit Future London for himself since Inspector Chelmey thought it was a joke.

[edit] Last Specter

In this game, you meet Inspector Clamp Grosky who is good friends with Emmy Altava. You come here to acquire Inspector Clamp Grosky's assistance in the investigation into the specter. The Inspector rushes off to capture a criminal and runs through the window in a hurry.

[edit] Azran Legacy

Chapter 3: A Day Out in London
At the beginning of the chapter, Carmichael summons Inspector Grosky to the archives to assign him to a special case involving Targent. He believed that there were Targent moles in high places, including on the police force. Grosky accepts the mission without hesitation, and sets off to investigate.

Professor Layton and the group arrive at Scotland Yard later, in order to search the archives for information on Targent. Luke quickly spots Hanna, who tells them that Inspector Grosky was out investigating on a top-secret mission. She then mentions that Scotland Yard was in turmoil, which worries Layton. They enter the building, asking a policeman for permission to view case files in the archives, and he soon leads the group to Leonard Bloom's office when he hears them mention his name. Once they enter his office, Bloom greets them and is quick to note that during his investigation in Monte d'Or, he was called back to London on an urgent matter. He then gives the group permission to consult previous case files in the archives, before leaving for a strategy meeting.

The group go down into the archives, and begin to search through files immediately. They soon find files relating to the Museum robberies, to find that five separate robberies had occurred in that year, with all of the stolen items eventually being recovered. Luke speculates that the thief could be Jean Descole, as he would be cunning enough to pull such a stunt, and was also after Azran artifacts. Professor Sycamore then proposes that they went directly to the museum to investigate for clues.

After their investigation at the museum, the group come back to Scotland Yard, asking Inspector Grosky a few question relating to the case. He reveals that Detective Bloom was the one to lead the case, and the one to have recovered all the stolen artifacts. Layton then asks Grosky to accompany them to his office, as he had discovered the perpetrator. As they enter the office, Layton tells Bloom that he was confident Targent were to blame for the robberies, to which Bloom agreed, however he was not able to identify the agent. Layton then points out it was Bloom himself who had been working with Targent, surprising Inspector Grosky. As Detective Bloom was the only one to take care of the recovered artifacts, no one else would have been able to switch them with the fakes. Bloom's guilt is furthered justified by his lack of surprise to the fact that the artifacts were indeed fake, and thus Inspector Grosky arrests him. With the case now closed, the group head back to the London Aerodrome to begin their round-the-world trip.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Unwound Future

[edit] Last Specter

[edit] Azran Legacy

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Unwound Future

[edit] Last Specter

[edit] Azran Legacy

[edit] Gallery

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