Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Monte d'Or
Voice Actors Japanese:
Tesshō Genda
Relations Policemen*
Occupation Chief Inspector of the Monte d'Or Police

Chief Inspector Sheffield is the chief police inspector in Monte d'Or, in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Although he may not be your typical police inspector, he is very sharp in his ways and is highly respected throughout Monte d'Or.


[edit] Appearance

Sheffield wears a white shirt, a purple tie, brown shoes, a red blazer and a pair of dark green trousers with a black belt. His hair is white and he has tanned skin.

[edit] Puzzles

Sheffield gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Sheffield notices that Professor Layton and the group are in the briefing room, and so gets a bit heated. Leonard Bloom introduces him to Layton, and tells him that he had helped Scotland Yard solve many difficult cases in the past. He says to Inspector Bloom to make sure he doesn't get in the way, and wants to get the conference underway.

Sheffield takes the front of the floor and orders all the police officers to take a seat. He then lets Inspector Bloom talk, and takes a seat himself.

After the first miracle is explained, he starts to explain the second miracle; the incident where paintings had come to life. According to Sheffield, witnesses claim that people from famous paintings had started to run riot around town, destroying things. When they had checked the paintings, the only thing left was the background. Layton asks if the paintings had come from a common source, and Sheffield states that the paintings were all donated that day, and came from an anonymous donor. They weren't able to identify the donor, as the gallery staff didn't know either. He explains that the instructions had specified to display the paintings at exactly midday, which puts to work Layton's theory that vanishing paint was used. He thinks that the idea is either genius or hogwash, however there was no evidence to back this up. When Layton tells him there would be residual outline left of where the paint was, Sheffield tells him he underestimated him.

After the meeting was over, Sheffield claims he wouldn't let the Masked Gentleman get the better of them, and that they would continue investigating the petrification incident. Later, he tells Layton that the force was on the verge of gathering enough evidence to bring their suspect in for questioning. The suspect was being watched under close surveillance, and wouldn't be able to run anywhere. He also tells Layton to come to him with anything about the case, rather than the inspectors from Scotland Yard.

After the Masked Gentleman makes his disappearance from the Gallery Plaza, the police force surround the area, and Sheffield arrests Alphonse Dalston for the crimes against Monte d'Or. One of the policemen asks Sheffield if they should be chasing after the Masked Gentleman, but he tells him Inspector Grosky had it under control, and they had the real mastermind in their arrest already. When Dalston denies he had done anything, Sheffield claims that he had been in love with Angela for years, and used the Masked Gentleman as a way to get back at Henry Ledore, and afterwards asks him to come along with them, but not before he gives Dalston the chance to talk to Henry.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Sheffield gets the interrogation on Alphonse Dalston started, asking him why he had done the crime. Dalston denies he was the perpetrator, however Sheffield brings up that tracks from a chariot was found at the scene of the petrification incident, and Dalston was the only person in town that owned a private chariot. He tells him it could have been a chariot from the race track, however the owner hadn't noticed any chariots missing. Sheffield also brings up the point that Dalston had a motive; that Angela Ledore had rejected his proposal, and so he wanted to get revenge on Henry Ledore.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Sheffield felt unsure as to how they would catch the Masked Gentleman due to most people around Monte d'Or wearing masks themselves. He also brought up the apparent feud between Henry Ledore and Alphonse Dalston, thinking they could be part of the whole thing. Professor Layton denies this to be true, however Dalston still rang alarms for Sheffield, as he could have set everything up. Layton reminds him that the Masked Gentleman bore a hatred for the town, while Dalston did not. In his 25 years of being on the police force, Sheffield had never been part of a case so convoluted.

Sheffield speaks with Layton in the briefing room once again, saying he heard about the incident at Pumpkin Park the previous night. At this point, he decided to broaden his search, but however Dalston was not completely off the hook. Layton asks if there was any recent developments in the case, and he tells them that Leonard Bloom had found something at the racecourse, and so they decide to head there.

In a special episode, Inspector Bloom tells Sheffield that a chariot was used to carry stone statues, and was hidden in a giant clown balloon on the night of the petrification incident. Sheffield doubts this was true, however Bloom asks for permission to investigate the scene for tracks. He lets him go, but warns him to report back straight away.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Sheffield finds Professor Layton and the others outside Pumpkin Park, just as Inspector Grosky runs off in pursuit of the Masked Gentleman. He informs Layton he had noticed him heading for the Gallery Plaza. Layton then asks Sheffield to escort the townspeople to safety by having them head to the top floors of the highest buildings. He then asks if Sheffield has seen Leonard Bloom, however he hadn't been seen since going to investigate at the Reunion Inn, and was assumed he had fled the town.

In a special episode, some policemen are panicking that they would be buried in sand if they stayed any longer. Sheffield tells them they needed to stand for their city, as they were the people of the desert. He told them they could run, but if so, would have never deserved their place on the force. If they didn't stand tall, there would be no one left to protect them, and still believed they could lead the civilians to higher ground, even if they couldn't stop the sand flow. In the meantime, Sheffield would arrest the Masked Gentleman, and asks of them to escort Mrs. Ascot to the Gallery Plaza, as he believed her to be a trump card.

[edit] Biography

"The hard-hitting chief of Monte d'Or commands respect with an iron fist and an incredibly chiseled jaw. Sheffield's ready to come down on crime like a ton of bricks, and his men love this belligerence. Unfortunately, the latest case has him stumped."

[edit] Trivia

  • Sheffield's name may originate from the city in England called "Sheffield"
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