Stansbury Signpost.png
Located In Stansbury
Appearances Miracle Mask
Chapter Accessible Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
No. of Hint Coins 4
East Exit Winding Road
South Exit Edge of Town

The Signpost is a location based in Stansbury, seen in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is a part of the forest in Stansbury that leads to the Wall of Norwell. The path connects the Edge of Town and the Winding Road.

[edit] Appearance

The signpost area contains a large cliff-face with vines draping down. There is an abundance of trees and greenery in the area, and a small log lies at the bottom of the cliff-face. To the right of the area lies a signpost, pointing in the direction of the Wall of Norwell.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
Hershel, Randall and Angela make their way through the forest after gaining access through the padlocked gate. They notice a sign that had fallen apart, and they help put it back together for the benefit of passing tourists. Randall then admits he was the one to cause it to fall apart the last time he had visited the Wall of Norwell.

[edit] Puzzles

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