Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown Future London
Relations Bostro*
Occupation Member of The Family

Splinters is a High-ranking gangster of The Family but not as high as Bostro. He only makes a few appearances in the game, one of which in a flashback when he is seen to be attacking Cogg along with Lockjaw. He is also seen in the Research Facility during the end of the game.

[edit] Appearance

Splinters wears a maroon suit with a white shirt and red tie underneath.


[edit] Biography

"Splinters is a brutish, bloodthirsty man who works for Bostro. Surprisingly, his hobby is collecting old clocks, and he often makes secret visits to the clock shop. Though still only a young man of 28, he's already concerned by his receding hairline."

[edit] Trivia

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