Stansbury is the the hometown of Angela Ledore, Alphonse Dalston, Henry Ledore and Randall Ascot. Hershel Layton, as seen later on in the game, moves here as a teenager from London with his parents Roland and Lucille.


[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Randall found a treasure that was discovered by another explorer call the Mask Of Chaos, later showing this to Angela Ledore and Hershel Layton along with a diagram on his wall with directions to the Wall of Norwell. The Wall Of Norwell acts as a map which leads to the Akbadain Ruins.

Hershel and Randall decided to go to the Akbadain Ruins to locate the lost treasure. Greeting them were mummies in which they defeated. After approaching the final room, Hershel accidentally sets off a trap, which causes the ruins to crumble and collapse below them, making a large hole in the floor. Randall nearly fell down the hole, but Hershel grabbed his hand and attempted to pull him up. However, Randall wanted to keep hold of the mask and fell.

Hershel returned to Stansbury, telling everyone what had happened. This prompted Henry to hire search parties to look for Randall after finding the treasure in the Akbadain Ruins. With his newfound wealth, he began to develop Monte d'Or and took Angela and Mrs. Ascot with him, so that they would be closer to the ruins.

Meanwhile, some time after this event, Hershel moves away from Stansbury to London to study archaeology at Gressenheller University, in Randall's honor.

[edit] Places of Interest

[edit] Layton Home

Main Article: Layton Home

The Layton Home is the residence of Hershel, Roland and Lucille Layton, where Layton lived in his teens. Hershel returns here after a day at school to find his mother Lucille fretting over Roland's absense.

[edit] Ascot House

Main Article: Ascot House

The Ascot House is the residence of Randall Ascot and Henry Ledore, and is where Randall has lived his entire life. Hershel visits Randall's house with Angela so they could discuss Randall's discovery of the Mask Of Chaos.

[edit] Kingsbrook Academy

Main Article: Kingsbrook Academy

Kingsbrook Academy is the local school in Stansbury, and is where Hershel, Randall, Angela and Dalston attends school. One of the classes Hershel and Randall take here involves archaeology, with one of the topics relating to the Azran Civilization and Donald Rutledge's research into it.

[edit] Wall of Norwell

Main Article: Wall of Norwell

The Wall of Norwell is an ancient mural belonging to Azran times, dating back millions of years, with its glyphs and symbols pointing out the location of the Mask Of Chaos. Hershel and Angela are brought here by Randall as he wanted to show how he found the Mask of Chaos.

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