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The Stone Idol is an artifact that proves vital to the case File No. 004: The Walking Corpse in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It is rumored to contain a demon inside it, which in turn is supposedly the reason behind the murder of Archie O'Logie. It was his digging team that had found the stone idol on an ancient digging site in a South American jungle, within the village that Chico Careta lived. When it was discovered that O'Logie was to take the find back with him, the demon living inside the stone idol had told Careta to kill him immediately, or else a curse would be laid on his village. Careta listened and had put an axe between O'Logie's eyes that night, and once Mariana Etista and Micah Sasucasa had found the body, the demon inside the stone idol had caused it to lunge forward at the pair in attack. After the incident, it is found that the stone idol had disappeared from the crate it was being held in.

It is later discovered by Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker that there is in fact no demon living in the stone idol. O'Logie's dead body had moved due to Careta attaching fishing line to the body and throwing it over the rafters, and thus tugging the line to make it move. It was also revealed that his fiancé, Etista, was acting as the voice of the demon and had used him as part of her plans. She had stolen the stone idol and fled the village, presumably for selling purposes.

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An artifact found at the dig site
"A stone statue that harbors a demon within. It is of great historical value, but vanished on the night of the murder and remains missing."

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