Storyteller Artwork.png
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Hometown Labyrinthia
Other Names Arthur Cantabella*
Voice Actors English:
Robert Ashby
Masashi Hirose
Relations Espella Cantabella*
Newton Belduke*
Zacharias Barnham*
Occupation Author and creator of Labyrinthia
Owner of Labrelum Inc.

The Storyteller is the main villain in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The Storyteller has the power to create whatever he writes into reality, a power that Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright try to solve the riddle of. At the start of the game he is the current ruler of Labyrinthia.


[edit] Appearance

The Storyteller wears a dark colored robe, and a dark colored mask over one eye. He has white hair and white gloves, and carries around a book and quill.

[edit] Plot

Several years before the events of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the Storyteller, also known as Arthur Cantabella, explored underground ruins with Newton Belduke in the town where Labyrinthia now stands. There, they found the Bell of Ruin in the last room, and took it back to the town with them and created a bell tower for it. At this point in time, Belduke was studying alchemy, while Cantabella was pursuing economics. Eventually, they both married and each had a daughter; Espella Cantabella and Eve Belduke.

Cantabella often took his daughter to the top of the bell tower, and she would ask to ring the bell. Cantabella had told her that if she did, the Great Witch Bezella would possess her and cause calamity. At an annual fire festival in the town, Espella and Eve took their mothers' pendants to gain access to the top of the bell tower, in order to ring the bell. Espella had second thoughts about sounding it, and so Eve did instead, causing the townspeople to fall unconscious while a large fire spread through the town. At this time, Arthur and Newton were in the underground ruins, and eventually found the entire town perished, and their daughters at the top of the bell tower.

Ever since this incident, Espella has believed she is the Great Witch Bezella, and wouldn't speak for days. Arthur tried to make her smile by writing and illustrating a picture book about a witch being caught and punished, in an attempt to convince her she wasn't Bezella. He continued writing stories for her and acting them out, until he used the town's land that he and Newton purchased, and government funding, to create Labyrinthia. It started out as a small village, and eventually it grew into a large town, where witches and witchcraft existed with the help of large machines. He became the creator of Labyrinthia and the Storyteller. In order for his stories to become reality, he used an ink extracted from plants in the area which made the townspeople believe the stories were like prophecies.

[edit] Puzzles

The Storyteller gives the following puzzles in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:

The Storyteller's original design

[edit] Trivia

  • The Storyteller's original design was much different to that of his current design. His clothing was different and also wore a hat. His hair was blonde and covered his eyes, and he had a long beard.
  • The Storyteller's design is inspired by owls, symbolizing wisdom.
  • His mask is said to serve the purpose of covering his burns from the fire that burned down the town several years before the events of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
  • The Storyteller's brooch as part of his outfit hints at his double life, both being the creator of Labyrinthia as well as being the owner of Labrelum Inc.

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