Storyteller's Tower

Storyteller's Tower
Storyteller's Tower.jpg
Located In Labyrinthia
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 7: The Story's End
Residents Storyteller
No. of Hint Coins 15
West Exit Audience Room

The Storyteller's Tower is a large tower situated in Labyrinthia, seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is where the Storyteller lives and writes the town's Story. Espella Cantabella also lived here, but decided to live with Patty Eclaire five years before the events of the game.


[edit] Appearance

The Storyteller's Tower is the largest building in Labyrinthia, with many rooms scaling the tower. A large cage is situated at the tower's ground floor, which leads to a hidden garden. Espella's room can also be accessed, which a room depicting that of a young girl, with colorful walls and furniture. The Storyteller's room lies below the top floor, which is seen to be an untidy room scattered with many pieces of parchment, and most notably a large piano. A secret passage lies in this room, leading up to the top floor.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Bridge to the Tower

The bridge to the tower leads to the Storyteller's Tower. Constantine leads Professor Layton and Luke here to investigate the tower to collect evidence in solving the town's mysteries.

The bridge is is long and winding, constructed over the water. The edges of the bridge are lined with stone statues, and the tower can be clearly seen in the distance.

[edit] Tower Ground Floor

The tower's ground floor is the first floor seen in the tower. The cage placed in the center allows for traverse between the floor and the rooftop garden.

The room consists of a large cage in the center of the room, suspended by a large chain. An engraving of some sort can be seen along the back wall.

[edit] Roof Garden

The rooftop garden is the location that is reached after being transported through the cage from the ground floor. Despite the tower being secluded, the garden appears to be regularly kept in good condition.

The garden consists of a variety of plants, including rose bushes and hedges. A gazebo is also placed next to a small pond.

[edit] Child's Room

The Child's Room is the room belonging to Espella Cantabella, where she spent her life before moving to the Bakery to live with Patty Eclaire. It is here that Professor Layton and Luke find the first story the Storyteller had written, named "The First Story".

The room consists of a small bed with a doll placed on top, with a bookshelf placed next to it. A table and chairs have been set up in the middle of the room, and the walls are brightly colored, illustrating a rainbow and a tree.

[edit] Storyteller's Room

The Storyteller's Room is the room belonging to the Storyteller. It is here that the Storyteller write's the town's Story, which is evident due to its untidy nature. Professor Layton and Luke discover a picture of Espella Cantabella and Darklaw here, discovering that they were childhood friends.

The room consists of a desk with many books piled on top of it, as well as many pieces of parchment scattered on the floor and pinned to the wall. Writing materials can be seen in the room, as well as a large piano with a doll sat at the chair.

[edit] Tower Terrace

The tower terrace is the highest floor of the tower. The terrace overlooks Labyrinthia, and it is here that Professor Layton and Luke discover that the Storyteller was still alive.

Placed around the edge of the terrace is a railing, as well as knights' armor. A large stained-glass window can be seen on the floor, allowing for light to pass through to the room below.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 7: The Story's End
Professor Layton and Luke visit the tower on Constantine and Barnham's instructions; it is here where they will find vital pieces of evidence to disprove the claims of Espella Cantabella being the Great Witch Bezella. They solve the puzzle guarding entrance to the tower, allowing them entry.

Chapter 8: The Final Witch Trial
After scaling much of the tower through a large cage, Professor Layton and Luke find themselves in the tower's hidden garden. After investigating Espella's room, they find a hand made picture book, known as "The First Story". They then investigate the Storyteller's room, finding the empty sheets of parchment that was to be Newton Belduke's suicide note, as well as a picture of the young Espella and Darklaw.

After locating the secret passage to the top floor, they discover the Storyteller himself, who had faked his own death at the Town Square. He summons the suits of armor scattered around the room to attack Layton, however he prevails by predicting their attacks. Layton then reveals to the Storyteller that it was his daughter Espella who was being put on trial that night for being the Great Witch Bezella; something he had not written in his Story. He then requests the Storyteller to accompany them to the gallery, so that he could reveal the truth and help unravel the mysteries behind Labyrinthia.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Gallery

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