Talea Magica

The Talea Magica is an item appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. These are also known as Witches' Sceptres, and are used by witches to perform witchcraft in Labyrinthia. They can hold two gems in its hilt at any one time. These gems determine what spells can be used, and cannot be performed unless a witch is holding the sceptre.

A Talea Magica is presented as evidence in the Witch Trials on two occasions: the first and second trials. On the first occasion, the witch who had used it performed the spells Dimere and Ignaize, the former used to disappear, and the latter used to set the victims, Robbs and Muggs, on fire, in turn murdering them. In the second trial, the spells used were Goldor and Famalia. Goldor turns the closest object into gold, while Famalia summons a shadow familiar. However, it is later found that the Famalia gem in this Talea Magica is a fake, and instead a Godoor gem had been inserted, in order to create a portal.

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