Targent's Zeppelin

Targent's Zeppelin
Targent Zeppelin.png
Located In The Nest
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
Owner Targent
No. of Hint Coins 10
West Exit Waste Disposal Plant

Targent's Zeppelin is a large airship belonging to Targent, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The airship is first pursued by Professor Layton and the group in an attempt to rescue Aurora. Upon reaching The Nest, the airship can be seen parked outside the Waste Disposal Plant.


[edit] Appearance

The airship's upper half is of a green color, while the lower half is brown in color. A number of cannons decorate the airship, using propellers connected to the larger cannons for flight. The cargo hold is stored at the back, which then leads into the midship area, finally leading to the bridge at the front of the airship.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Cargo Hold

The cargo hold is located at the back of the airship, where several packages are stored. Professor Layton and Luke initially use this room to gain entry into the airship.

The room holds a variety of wooden boxes, all secured with straps. The door to the left of the room leads to the outside of the airship, while the door at the back leads into the midship.

[edit] Midship

The midship is the main area of the airship, being the largest room. The room contains a trap which Macaw lures Professor Layton into on two occasions.

A control panel is located by some railing, controlling a crane hook holding an airship piece. Below the area lies a number of steel barrels, near a smaller aircraft. Multiple doors lead to different rooms, while the ladder leads to the airship's bridge.

[edit] Airship Bridge

The bridge is located to the front of the airship. This room is used by Leon Bronev to oversee the navigation of the airship.

The room consists of a number of machinery lining the walls. Two flights of stairs lead up to where Leon Bronev is seated, in front of a large window that oversees the landscape ahead of the airship.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
After Professor Layton and the group reluctantly hand over the girl found in the Ice Cave, Targent make their getaway in the airship. The group immediately give chase to them in the Bostonius, shooting down the drones Targent sent at them as obstacles. Layton and Luke soon board the airship, making their entry into the cargo hold, and gaining further entry inside once unlocking the hold's door. They are soon captured by Macaw, but quickly make their way through his obstacle set for them to finally reach the bridge.

Layton and Luke meet Targent's leader, Leon Bronev, stating that he too was an archaeologist. He refused to let the girl go, threatening them to leave his airship. Unable to handle the tension, the girl releases a shock wave, causing her to fall unconscious and shutting down the controls of the airship. Among the confusion, Layton takes this as an opportunity to take the girl with him and escape the airship. As Layton and Luke make their way down the rope tied to the airship, the girl soon wakes up in a panic, causing Layton to lose his grip of her and losing her in the forest below. The rope quickly gets caught in a tree, causing Layton and Luke to fall themselves, while the airship and the Bostonius make a crash landing in the nearby town.

Chapter 5: Into the Nest
The group follow Mackintosh into the airship, who was planning to flee The Nest. They once again successfully unlock the cargo hold's door, but are soon once again captured by Macaw. Knowing they were pursuing Mackintosh, he tries to slow their progress with another obstacle, however the group are able to get past it once again. Before any further confrontations can occur, Professor Layton begins to pick up on Macaw's doubts of wanting to be involved in Targent, as he had not gone to the effort to capture Mackintosh yet.

Stepping past him, they finally reach the bridge, to find an injured Mackintosh attempting to hijack the airship. He urges Layton to stop Bronev, as he was controlling the researchers with force and constraint. He wished for Targent to become what it originally was, where the researchers would be free. Layton tells him to conserve his strength, as the group take him back to the Bostonius to seek medical attention.

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[edit] Puzzles

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