The Teapot is a mini-game in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It is founded when Professor Layton and Luke Triton solve Laurel's puzzle. The player has to add in the correct ingredients to make the tea the person requires.

[edit] Recipes

Belle Classic(US) Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry and Belle Tart Seed (US)
Citrus Classic(UK) Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry and Citronia Seed (UK)
Oasis Berry Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry and Brisk Berry
Sugar Smoke Oasis Leaf, Belle Tart Seed and Cinder Horse (US) Oasis Leaf, Citronia Seed and Cinder Horse (UK)
Root Remedy (Oasis Leaf, Joy Root Clover and Tonic Flower)
Cherry Boost (Oasis Leaf, Peppercherry and Peppercherry)
Bitter Fruit Brisk Berry, Belle Tart Seed and Tonic Flower (US) Brisk Berry, Citronia Seed and Tonic Flower (UK)
Dream Spice Brisk Berry, Dream Fluff and Peppercherry
Clover Quencher Brisk Berry, Joy Root Clover and Cinder Horse
Radiance Blend Belle Tart Seed, Dream Fluff and Joy Root Clover (US) Citronia Seed, Dream Fluff and Joy Root Clover (UK)
Cayenne Twilight Dream Fluff, Joy Root Clover and Peppercherry
Cinder Flower Dream Fluff, Tonic Flower and Cinder Horse
The Layton Elixir Joy Root Clover, Peppercherry and Cinder Horse

[edit] Tea Breaks

Clarice(Narice) - Dream Spice
Dawson - Cayenne Twilight
Derby - Belle Classic/Citrus Classic
Dylan - Cherry Boost
Duke - Bitter Fruit
Felix - Dream Spice
Garland - Sugar Smoke
Geoff - Clover Quencher
Gertie - Radiance Blend
Gregorio - Clover Quencher
Grinko - The Layton Elixir
Hopper - The Layton Elixir
Ilyana/Vera - Oasis Berry
Joanie - Oasis Berry
Joseph - Bitter Fruit
Krantz - Cherry Boost
Lila - Root Remedy
Luke Triton - Oasis Berry
Marina - Root Remedy
Niles - Radiance Blend
Opal - Cinder Flower
Professor Layton - Belle Classic/Citrus Classic
Ray - Cayenne Twilight
Rory - Sugar Smoke
Sammy Thunder - Cinder Flower
Stachenscarfen - Belle Classic/Citrus Classic

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