Thames Arms

Outside of Thames Arms

The Thames Arms is an important location in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It is located Northern area of Future London, along the River Thames.


[edit] Plot

During the beginning of the game, Thames Arms isn't used much. However, during the end of the game, you must go here several times, for different reasons. The first time Layton and Luke go their, they must meet with Future Layton, but he is no where to be seen. Later, Clive and Layton talk about where Dimitri Allen could be after he escaped the Towering Pagoda. Most of the twelth chapter is spent in the Thames Arms figuring out the mystery behind Future London.

Sometimes Barton is peering through the window, most likely seeing if the restaurant is open or not.

[edit] The Truth

Everyone Eating in the Restaurant

Layton, Luke, Flora and Don Paolo all head over to the restaurant in Thames Arms. Inside there is Inspector Chelmey, Barton, Furture Luke, Celeste, and the Barkeeper. When they enter they start to eat, and start to think of ways to stop The Family and find out where Dimitri is, and work out his plan. He begins by telling everyone in the room that the bartender is Dimitri Allen in disguise. This begins the third and final puzzle, Puzzle Battle. Dimitri is trying to escape the Thames Arms, but has planted bombs around the building. If anyone moves close, he will bomb up the place. Layton swiftly finds a flaw in his puzzle. He begins by saying that he knows where the bombs are hidden. Dimitri says otherwise, saying that it will not help him with the puzzle, but Layton thinks otherwise. Layton explains that when the map is placed upside down, the bombs spell out LIE. This means that there are no bombs in the building.This leaves Dimitri in defeat, and he then explains that he loved Claire, so he wanted to go back in time to fix the Time Machine.

[edit] The Mobile Fortress

Thames Arm is destroyed

Professor Layton that the true villain is Future Luke, otherwise known as Clive. Clive takes off his hat, and laughs, revealing his plans. He then grabs Flora, and runs off with her. Layton runs off, trying to catch him, but Clive has already went off to the Lighthouse by a Motorboat. When Clive reaches the island, a large tremor occurs, and Clive's Mobile Fortress then rises up from the ground, and starts destroying everything in the Future London. Layton and Luke jump into the Laytonmobile and start to drive up the hill. Layton drives and makes enough airtime to get aboard the Mobile Fortress. From there, they destroy it.

[edit] Puzzles

This is also where you find your last Puzzle Battle.

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