The Family

The Family
Role Antagonists
Gender Male
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown Future London
Relations Future Layton*

The Family is a group of henchmen that appear in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Examples of the upper hierarchy of The Family are Bostro, Lockjaw, Fisheye and Silky. The lower hierarchy of The Family are just referred to as Family Goons.


[edit] Appearance

The upper hierarchy of The Family are very smartly dressed and all have different appearances.

[edit] Members Of The Family

[edit] Future Layton

Main Article: Future Layton

Later revealed as Dimitri Allen, Future Layton controls what Family Goons and lower members of the family do and is seen as the "boss". His headquarters is commonly known as the Towering Pagoda in Chinatown usually guarded by the lower Family ranked member, Ward.

During the stand off at Gilded 7 Casino, Future Layton does not seem to be there.

[edit] Bostro

Main Article: Bostro

As the co-leader of The Family, he likes to think of himself as a true leader. He believes his real ringleader is Future Layton when really, he is nothing but a valuable pawn long with Dimitri to Clive's plans.

Bostro appears during the standoff in Gilded 7 Casino and in the Research Facility, both appearances were made in order to stop Professor Layton and Luke from progressing.

[edit] Lockjaw

Main Article: Lockjaw

Even though he is more of a help than a hindrance, since he slips out valuable information most of the time, he is still considered as one of the mid-ranking family member along with Fisheye.

He is first seen in a flashback of Cogg's in the clock shop along with Splinters. He is then seen later on in the game via a screen in the lift of the Mobile Fortress. He only responds to Clive, not Bostro.

[edit] Fisheye

Main Article: Fisheye

Another mid-ranking family member along with Lockjaw. Fisheye likes to believe that he can harm everybody and anyone with his "knife skills".

He is first seen guarding the Surveillance Room in the Mobile Fortress, threatening Professor Layton, Luke and Flora with a knife that really does not exist.

[edit] Splinters

Main Article: Splinters

Splinters is seen three times throughout the game. Firstly, he is seen in the stand off in Gilded 7 Casino and is later seen in the same flashback as Lockjaw, beating up Cogg on orders made by Bostro. Lastly, he is seen in the Research Facility along with most of the other family members.

[edit] Layman

Main Article: Layman

Layman is a guard near the Gilded 7 Casino and shares a resemblance to Professor Layton. He does not do very much in the game but does offer puzzles.

[edit] Silky

Main Article: Silky

First seen during the stand off in Gilded 7 Casino, Silky can be later found outside the Observatory and seems somewhat nice towards Professor Layton. Although he is a member of The Family, he will never harm a civilian.

[edit] Ward

Main Article: Ward

The less known Family member in the game, Ward seems to be around just about everywhere where Professor Layton and Luke are. His main mission in the game is to guard the Towering Pagoda, requesting at least 60 puzzles solved in order for the team to progress and the team must then complete The Impassable Gate.

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