The Final Witch Trial

The Final Witch Trial
PLAA Chapter 8.png

Chapter 8
Defendant Espella Cantabella
Inquisitor Darklaw
Location Special Court
Picarats Given -

The Final Witch Trial is the eighth chapter that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is the fourth and final trial set in the game, where Phoenix Wright must defend for Espella Cantabella, on suspicion of being the Great Witch Bezella and killing her father, the Storyteller. This trial is split into three different parts, so the player will not receive any Picarats once this part of the trial is completed.


[edit] Key Characters

Espella Cantabella - accused of being the Great Witch Bezella, and killing the Storyteller.

Storyteller - Labyrinthia's creator and author of the townspeople's Stories, was killed by the Great Witch Bezella.

Espella Cantabella - believes she is the Great Witch Bezella and killed the Storyteller.
Boistrum - leader of the Vigilantes, guarding the Bell Tower.
Lottalance - one of the Vigilantes.
Balmung - one of the Vigilantes.
Lyewood - one of the Vigilantes.
Shakey - one of the Vigilantes.
Servius - one of the Vigilantes.
Foxy - one of the Vigilantes.
Treddon - one of the Vigilantes.
Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil - one of the Vigilantes.
Wordsmith - an enigmatic man who joined the Vigilantes.

Phoenix Wright - Espella's defense attorney, attempting to prove her innocence.
Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright's assistant in the trial.
Darklaw - the Inquisitor in the trial, attempting to prove Espella's guilt.
The Judge - the judge in the trial.
Eve - Espella's pet cat.

[edit] Evidence

  • Case Outline - Accused: Espella Cantabella, Charges: Being Bezella; using magic to kill the town's creator
  • Flour-Covered Robe - Found at the crime scene in the bell tower. Flour has stuck to rain-soaked patches.
  • Contraption - Mechanism from the middle floor of the bell tower, it has a hole in it.
  • Bell Tower Plan - A sketch of the entire bell tower, obtained from the Vigilantes.
  • Vigilantes' Report - Vigilantes' records. The bell tower was constantly guarded and there were no trespassers.
  • Footprints Sketch - A sketch of the muddy footprints left on the bell tower stairs.
  • Pendant - Found at the crime scene. The strap's been torn and has some black stains on it.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Walkthrough

  • First testimony: Press all testimonies until Eve appears.
  • Present "Vigilantes' Report" at Espella's second testimony.
  • Press Espella's first testimony.
  • Question Eve as Espella says "Yes... I've always had a feeling, but..."
  • Present "Footprints Sketch" to third testimony.
  • Second testimony: Press Lyewood's (fourth Vigilante) testimony.
  • Press Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil's (ninth Vigilante) testimony.
  • Question Boistrum (first Vigilante) when deep in thought.
  • Question Shakey (fifth Vigilante) when deep in thought.
  • Press Foxy's (seventh Vigilante) testimony.
  • Present "Footprints Sketch" at Lyewood's testimony.
  • Select the option "They're both correct".
  • Present "Flour-Covered Robe" as evidence.
  • Third testimony: Present "Bell Tower Plan" at Foxy's testimony.
  • Place the magnifying glass over the belfry.
  • Press Treddon's (eighth Vigilante) testimony.
  • Question Wordsmith (tenth Vigilante) when deep in thought.
  • Present "Contraption" at Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Present "Pendant" as evidence.
  • Select the option "Raise an objection".
  • Select the option "On Espella's person".
  • Place the magnifying glass over the pendant on Espella's arm.
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