The Fire Witch

The Fire Witch
PLAA Chapter 2.png
Chapter 2
Defendant Espella Cantabella
Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham
Location Witches' Court
Picarats Given 300-500 Picarats

The Fire Witch is the second chapter that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is the second trial set in the game, where Phoenix Wright must defend for Espella Cantabella once again, after being accused of murdering two men by setting fire to them. Upon completion of the trial, the player is awarded 250 Picarats, in addition to an extra 50 for the amount of credibility remaining, meaning a total of 500 Picarats can be received.


[edit] Key Characters

Espella Cantabella - accused for using witchcraft to set the victims ablaze.

Robbs - threatened the defendant and was murdered as a consequence.
Muggs - accompanied Robbs and also threatened the defendant, which also ended being set on fire.

Wordsmith - an enigmatic elderly man who witnessed the murder.
Mary - owns a market stall near the crime scene selling goat's milk.
Kira - a young flower seller who also witnessed the incident.
Knightle - a young man who is passionate about joining the Knights of Order.
Emeer Punchenbaug - a strange man who seems to enjoy a drink, witnessed the victims' murder.

Phoenix Wright - Espella's defense attorney, attempting to prove her innocence.
Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright's assistant in the trial.
Professor Layton - an expert puzzle solver, assisting Wright in the trial.
Luke Triton - the professor's apprentice, also standing at the defense's side.
Zacharias Barnham - the Inquisitor in the trial, attempting to prove Espella's guilt.
The Judge - the judge in the trial.

[edit] Evidence

  • Case Outline - Accused: Espella Cantabella, Charges: The use of witchcraft to burn two male victims alive
  • Lantern - The lantern Espella was holding. The glass is broken and is covered in mud.
  • Talea Magica - A magic sceptre needed to cast spells. The available spells depend on the magic gems.
  • Glasses - Kira has poor eyesight and wears glasses, but she lost them a few days before the incident.
  • Bucket of Milk - The milk bucket Espella was carrying at the time of the crime. Mary brought it back to her farm.
  • Area Map - A sketch of the scene at the time of the crime.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Walkthrough

  • First testimony: Press Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Present "Lantern" at Knightle's testimony.
  • Select the option "Point out the contradiction".
  • Place the magnifying glass over the lantern.
  • Second testimony: Present "Lantern" at Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Third testimony: Press Mary's testimony.
  • Present "Bucket of Milk" at anyone's testimony.
  • Fourth testimony: Press Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Scroll through to the end of the testimonies.
  • Press Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Question Mary when deep in thought.
  • Fifth testimony: Present "Bucket of Milk" at Some Guy's testimony.
  • Press Some Guy's testimony.
  • Question Wordsmith when deep in thought.
  • Select the option "One of them is the witch".
  • Place the magnifying glass near Espella and the victims.
  • Present the spell "Dimere" as evidence.
  • Sixth testimony: Press Wordsmith's testimony.
  • Question Some Guy when deep in thought.
  • Select the option "Question further".
  • Press Emeer's testimony.
  • Select the option "There is a contradiction".
  • Present Kira's testimony as the contradiction.
  • Present "Area Map" as evidence.
  • Present the spell "Dimere" as evidence.
  • Select the option "To cover up her crime".
  • Present "Glasses" as evidence.
  • Select the option "She couldn't find her glasses".
  • Present "Bucket of Milk" as evidence.
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