The First Story

The First Story
PLAA Epilogue.png

Chapter Epilogue
Defendant Espella Cantabella
Inquisitor Professor Layton
Location Special Court
Picarats Given 400-1000 Picarats

The First Story is the epilogue chapter that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is a continuation of the final trial set in the game, where Phoenix Wright continues to defend for Espella Cantabella, on accusations of being the Great Witch Bezella and killing her father, the Storyteller. It is here where the mysteries surrounding the town are revealed. After the trial is completed, the player will receive 250 Picarats, in addition to an extra 150 for the amount of credibility remaining, meaning a total of 1000 Picarats can be received.


[edit] Key Characters

Espella Cantabella - accused for being the Great Witch Bezella and killing the Storyteller.

Storyteller - Labyrinthia's creator and author of the townspeople's Stories, believed to have been killed by Bezella.
Espella Cantabella - believed to be Bezella.
Darklaw - High Inquisitor of Labyrinthia, carried the accused to the bell tower.

Phoenix Wright - Espella's defense attorney, attempting to prove her innocence.
Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright's assistant in the trial.
Professor Layton - the Inquisitor in the trial.
The Judge - the judge in the trial.

[edit] Evidence

  • Case Outline - Accused: Espella Cantabella, Charges: Being Bezella; using magic to kill the town's creator
  • Invisible Robe - Invisibility robe worn by Kira when she was attacked. Visible only to Eldwitch Woods residents.
  • Contraption - Mechanism from the middle floor of the bell tower, it has a hole in it.
  • Bell Tower Plan - A sketch of the entire bell tower, obtained from the Vigilantes.
  • Vigilantes' Report - Vigilantes' records. The bell tower was constantly guarded and there were no trespassers.
  • Footprints Sketch - A sketch of the muddy footprints left on the bell tower stairs.
  • Pendant - Darklaw's pendant. Kira ripped it off Darklaw's neck when she was attacked.
  • Fire Dragon Sketch - The sketch of the fire dragon Espella saw in her childhood.
  • Top Floor Device - A device for ringing the Bell of Ruin. Even a child can use it.
  • Bell of Ruin - Giant bell found in the ruins. It's made of pure silver.
  • The First Story - A handmade picture book about witches. Found in Espella's room within the Storyteller's Tower.
  • Picture of Two Girls - A photo of two little girls. Found in the Storyteller's room.
  • Suicide Note - Belduke's suicide note. He wrote to his friend about his daughter and his feelings of guilt.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Walkthrough

  • First testimony: Press all testimonies.
  • Present "Espella".
  • Second testimony: Press Espella's fourth testimony.
  • Question Storyteller when deep in thought.
  • Press Espella's third testimony.
  • Question Storyteller when deep in thought.
  • Select the option "I have evidence".
  • Present "Fire Dragon Sketch" as evidence.
  • Select the option "It's the town itself".
  • Rotate to the left two times and shine the torch at the bottom.
  • Present "Picture of Two Girls" as evidence.
  • Present "Darklaw".
  • Present "Pendant" as evidence.
  • Present "Bell of Ruin" as evidence.
  • Present "The First Story" as evidence.
  • Present "Suicide Note" as evidence.
  • Third testimony: Press Darklaw's fourth testimony.
  • Question Espella when deep in thought.
  • Press Darklaw's fifth testimony.
  • Question Storyteller when deep in thought.
  • Present "Top Floor Device" as evidence.
  • Present "Darklaw".

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