Tony Barde

Tony Barde
Tony Barde.png
Role Major Character
Gender Male
Appearances Last Specter
Hometown Misthallery
Other Names Seamus*
Voice Actors English:
Lani Minella
Yumiko Kobayashi
Relations Arianna Barde*
Evan Barde*
Other Loosha*

Tony Barde is the younger brother of Arianna Barde and dresses up as Seamus as a disguise so that he can remain to protect his sister from unwelcome visitors. Whenever someone said something bad about Arianna, he would paint a witch's mark on the object(s) destroyed.


[edit] Appearance

Tony Barde wears a mustard shirt and blue scarf along with blue trousers. He also wears brown shoes, white socks, and has light brown hair.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

One year before the game starts, Evan Barde falls off a cliff. Levin Jakes concludes this to be suicide from a little help of Clark Triton's eye-witness report. Tony and his sister Arianna become bitter after the death of their father, isolating themselves from the rest of the community.

When the trio try to make an entry into Barde Manor they are soon to see Seamus appearing at the door telling them to go away. Seamus looked abnormally small and sounded as if an accent was being put on to disguise his voice. The trio, thinking Seamus was holding Arianna Barde captive, found a secret entrance. Soon after this, they were ordered out of the house by Seamus once more.

Later on in the game, Mimi spots an old man in the market and points the trio in the right direction of where he was heading. As much as they asked around, the more people said they had not seen an old man, but a young boy was present in the market. Professor Layton soon realized Seamus was Tony Barde's disguise to deceive them.

[edit] Professor Layton's London Life


Tony appears in Professor Layton's London Life at the Roundabout Park when 100 quests have been completed successfully.

[edit] Biography


"Tony thinks the world of his older sister, Arianna, but he knows little of the outside world. Impulsive and touchy like his sister, he skillfully acts the part of the old gardener, Seamus, to punish anyone who would speak ill of Arianna."


"The gardener of Evan Barde's manor, Seamus turned out to be Tony in the guise of an old man. Every aspect of the disguise, down to the most minute detail, was so accurate that not a single person he met was aware of his true identity."

[edit] Trivia

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