Top-Secret Mission

This is a Green Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life. To complete this quest, you must speak to Mark who is located in the Golden Spires Casino. He wants the player to buy him a bag of marshmallows which can be bought from Laurel for 8 wealth. When entering the Golden Spires Casino, the player must wear an outfit that is at least 50 formality.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Boss Talk2.png
Enter the Golden Spires Casino
London Life Confidential Favor2.png
Speak to Mark
London Life Colorful Request2.png
Buy a bag of marshmallows from Laurel
London Life Confidential Favor4.png
Speak to Mark again

[edit] Rewards

6,000 Wealth = Smooth Talking males
4,000 Wealth = Non- Smooth talking males

216 happiness = Child At Heart
198 Wealth = Winning Smile
180 Wealth = Everyone Else

Item = Concrete Floor

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