Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge.png
Located In London
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Prologue [I]: On a Dark and Stormy Night
No. of Hint Coins 9
West Exit Thames Riverside

The Tower Bridge is a location based in London, seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is situated over the Thames Riverside, and is based on the real life Tower Bridge.


[edit] Appearance

A large bridge stretches across the River Thames, held together by two bridge towers and suspenders. An elegant fence stretches across the bridge, and two large flags appear either side of it.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Bridge Tunnel

The Bridge Tunnel is a part of the Tower Bridge. It is here that Professor Layton and Luke locate a strange marking on one of its walls.

The area consists of a large tunnel in one of the bridge towers, made of brick. Lamps are placed on the walls, and a marking of an eye is located on the left wall. The bridge leads further to the second bridge tower.

[edit] Mysterious Room

The Mysterious Room is a small room located behind one of the walls of the Bridge Tunnel. It is here that Professor Layton and Luke locate Espella Cantabella, who had been kidnapped by the Witches.

The area consists of walls made of brick, with only wooden boxes and cloths placed in the room. The room is connected by a long hallway, lighted by lamps.

[edit] Plot

Prologue [I]: On a Dark and Stormy Night
Professor Layton and Luke enter the Tower Bridge, following a Witch through the bridge. Going further down the bridge, they find Espella's cloak on the ground, near a strange marking on the wall. Upon investigating the sign, the wall begins to move, revealing a secret room behind it. Proceeding with caution, they find Espella tied up in the room. They soon free her and decide to quickly escape, however Espella notes how useless it is to try and escape the witches, as Carmine Accidenti had tried to lead her away from danger several times to no avail. One of the witches suddenly begin to approach them from the large hallway.

Layton and Espella make a quick escape, to be trapped between the raised bridge and a group of witches. As the Great Witch demands to hand Espella over, she is revealed to be Luke in disguise, as Espella's cloak blows over the bridge onto a passing cargo freight; here it is revealed that Espella had jumped onto the ship as it passed. Layton questions the Great Witch on her motives in capturing Espella, however she only replies by telling them that they had walked into the middle of the Story by involving themselves with her. Soon the Historia Labyrinthia that Luke had been holding begins to shake, opening itself up to a picture of he and Layton in Labyrinthia, quickly disappearing into the book.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

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