Towering Pagoda

The Outside of the Towering Pagoda

The Towering Pagoda is the main tower found in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. This tower also hosts Dimitri Allen and also the whereabouts of the kidnapped Bill Hawks who is hanged up by the collar of his suit on a post unconscious behind a moveable bookcase at the top of the tower. This tower also hosts a handful of puzzles that stand in your way from getting to the top like the tower in St. Mystere. Halfway though the tower, you come across Shmelmey and Shmarton who only let you pass if you can solve their puzzle. After reaching the top of the tower, Dimitri makes a run for it and locks down the Towering Pagoda. You are forced to try and find an alternative exit other than the main door. This exit is under the desk.

[edit] Images

A corridor in the Towering Pagoda
The Dragon Bridge in the Towering Pagoda
A Hallway in the Towering Pagoda
The Main Hall
The Only Entrance to the Towering Pagoda
The Top of the Tower where Bill Hawks is found.
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