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Treasure Hunt is a feature debuting in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which introduces the use of StreetPass. Players are able to set challenges for other players that are encountered by finding various items hidden around the world. Challenges are also able to be obtained by using Play Coins. Completing a challenge awards the player with a certain amount of points, which can be exchanged for rewards. Points are also given from other players if a challenge is given a positive rating.


[edit] Select Challenge

Through accessing "Select Challenge", a player is able to select a challenge to take on that has been received. Up to 36 challenges can be saved at a time. After tapping a challenge, selecting the "OK!" button will set the challenge. Once completing the challenge, a number of points will be rewarded to the player, depending on the difficulty of the challenge. Each challenge can be rated after completion, and the player will be rewarded an additional ten points for every five "Great!" ratings that are given.

[edit] Create Challenge

Using the items that the player has found around the world, one is able to set a challenge for other players they encounter through StreetPass. From the list, a player must select three different items for other players to find. By activating StreetPass, the challenge can be distributed to other players. A total of 100 items can be found and selected for these challenges.

[edit] List of Items

Item Description Location Where to Locate
Green Apple Why not have a green apple every now and again? Layton's Office (London) Apple on round table
Glowing Red Eye How ominous... Obsidian Tower (The Nest) Middle red beam at top of statue
Red-and-White Socks These socks are soggy after being worn in the snow. Frossen Bridge (Froenborg) Sock hanging from tree
Hole-Ridden Windmill It still does its job, despite the many holes in the sails. Chapel Knoll (Hoogland) Windmill behind the chapel
Millstone It grinds grain to make flour, driven by wind power. Julien's Windmill (Hoogland) Millstone on top of oven
Stone Sheep This pillar is topped with a carving of a sheep's head. Mosinnia Temple (Mosinnia) Ram's head on a pillar to the right
Dolphin Ornament A favorite possession, judging by its sheen. Boris's Hut (Kodh) Ornament on the dresser to the right
British Clock Tower This historic tower is often called a symbol of London. Scotland Yard (London) Clock tower to the distance on the left
Station Square Clock Easy to see from far away. A shame that it's broken... Kodh Station (Kodh) Clock tower in center
Golden Mask A mask made of pure gold. What fine craftsmanship! Chief's House (Phong Gi) Hanging mask to the left
Golden Crown A crown fit for a king! Surely it's not for sale?! Floating Market (San Grio) Crown on a counter to the left
Golden Clock A free-standing gold clock. It doesn't appear to work. Ruby's House (Torrido) Clock on upper shelf
Golden Box A gold-plated container, currently without contents. Research Lab B (London) Small box on floor next to desk on the left
Golden Ocarina Any tune played on this flute is bound to be pure gold. Windy Way (Hoogland) Ocarina on bench seat to the right
Golden Apple A shiny golden apple. A rare yet always welcome treat. Larisa's Café (Kodh) Apple on table near the window
Giant Belfry The large bell inside rings on the hour, every hour. Main Street (Torrido) Bell tower in the distance
Massive Cogwheel It's not in use. Presumably a spare. Julien's Windmill (Hoogland) Cogwheel next to the stove
Large Wreath Simply the best way to make someone feel welcome. The Melted Snowflake (Froenborg) Wreath on the leftmost wall
Fish Dish A splendid dish, garnished with the fish's head. Bud's Bar & Grill (San Grio) Fish on rightmost table
Dancing Caterpillar A small caterpillar, bravely squirming along. Parched Creek (Torrido) Caterpillar in corn field to the left
Old Till It looks rather outdated, but it's still in working order. Larisa's Café (Kodh) Till on the counter to the right
Water Spout Hot water is coming out. It must be nice to dive in! Hiltop Hotel Entrance (San Grio) Gushing water to the left
Swimming Turtle Only his little head is poking out of the water. Lake Kodh Waterfront (Kodh) Turtle swimming in canal to the right
Hot Spring Signboard It tells one how to behave when enjoying hot springs. Snow Coach Stop (zoomed) (Froenborg) Sign next to hot springs
Baby Frogs Baby frogs are technically called tadpoles, of course. Stalactite Cave (Phong Gi) Tadpoles in the river below
Cheerful Weathervane The brisk wind today means it's turning quite a lot. Watering Trough (Hoogland) Weathervane above the clothesline to the right
Weathervane Witch A witch on a broomstick?! No, it's just a weathervane. London Aerodrome (London) Weathervane on top of right building
Atlas Beetle A splendid specimen with impressive horns. Tree Trunk Bridge (Phong Gi) Beetle on tree to the left
Camera A heavy camera, as used in police investigations. Archives (London) Camera on bookshelf to the left
Thatched Roof Woven from thick, yellow straw, it seems. Phoenix Square (Mosinnia) Bottom portion of roof nearest to hut
Glass Lid A lid like this is perfect for keeping cakes moist. The Melted Snowflake (Froenborg) Cake lid on counter to the right
Cuddly Corgi Well, if it isn't the Queen's favorite breed of dog! Miller's Square (Hoogland) Dog near dog house on the right
Yellow Aeroplane A magnificent machine. Easy to spot in the sky. Hangar (London) Yellow plane at the back wall
Locomotive Wheel Mounted on an axle that allows it to turn freely. Kodh Station (zoomed) (Kodh) Front wheel on train
Greasy Ventilator Fan It doesn't appear to have been cleaned in years... Raven's Way (London) Ventilator fan next to caged door
Enormous Motor Undoubtedly made for a very powerful aircraft. Midship (The Nest) Motor hanging from hook on the left
Boris's Boots A pair like any other, except for the smell. Boris's Hut (Kodh) Boots next to stove on the left
Floral Arch The flowers on this entrance make it rather more inviting. Windy Way (Hoogland) Arch to the left
Unexamined Fossil Best not touch this yet - it hasn't hardened. Research Lab B (London) Fossil on desk to the left
Red Telephone Box A lifesaver if you need to stay in touch out and about. Kensington High Street (London) Telephone box to the left
Bats Echolocation keeps them aware of their surroundings. Stalactite Cave (Phong Gi) Bats hanging from ceiling to the right
Mini Fighter Jet It only seems big enough for a handful of crew members. Midship (zoomed) (The Nest) Jet to the bottom left
Leaf Insect An insect that disguises itself as a leaf. Village Path (Phong Gi) Different colored leaf on tree to the right
Piglet It seems to be incredibly relaxed around humans. Grand Stage (Phong Gi) Piglet to left of the stage
Discarded Tyre Dumped with a shocking lack of consideration. Waste Disposal Plant (The Nest) Tyre in the walkway
Rubber Dinghy Bobs on the water, looking distinctly unused. Wylie Street (The Nest) Dinghy in canal to the bottom left
Cactus Even plants this prickly can have pretty flowers! Torrido Outskirts (Torrido) Cactus to the right
Deer Artwork This art bears the hallmarks of Azran workmanship. Bronev's Office (The Nest) Artwork in second to right glass cabinet
Deer Skull The bone structure suggests this skull belongs to a deer. Abandoned Mine (zoomed) (Torrido) Skull on ground to the right
Orb-Weaving Spider A spider known for weaving large webs up in rafters. Ruby's House (Torrido) Spider web on the ceiling
Bronev's Chair An impressive seat with an imposing presence. Airship Bridge (The Nest) Red chair at top of airship
White Sofa Stuffed to perfection. Can you resist sitting down? Hiltop Hotel Lounge (San Grio) Sofa closest to aquarium
Keep Out Sign This sign instructs one not to go any further. Mosinnia Forest (Mosinnia) Sign on tree to the left
Pair of Skis A pair of baby-blue skis, all ready to go. Snow Coach Stop (Froenborg) Skis near snowman on the right
Face on a Monument Oh my! A woman's face is carved into this tablet. Mosinnia Temple (Mosinnia) Monument to the farthest left
Mounted Binoculars Just the thing for gazing at faraway islands. San Grio Lighthouse (San Grio) Binoculars in the center
Detective's Phone It looks dainty, but makes a racket when it rings. Bloom's Office (London) Phone on desk
Treetop Nest There must be an excellent view from this nest. Hilltop Lookout (Kodh) Nest in tree second to the left
Upright Sledge A practical model designed for moving goods around. Froenborg South Gate (Froenborg) Sledge next to igloo on the right
Gramophone It is superior to the one I have. No doubt about it. Bronev's Office (The Nest) Gramophone on table next to desk
Ceiling Fossil Well, I never expected to see a fossil up there! Sanctuary Inner Gate (Froenborg) Fossil on ceiling to the right
Toaster An antique toaster, in use since time immemorial. Saloon (Torrido) Toaster on counter to the left
Bird Box If I were a bird, I wouldn't mind sleeping here. Chief's House (Phong Gi) Bird house at top of center post
Dragonfly Its compound eyes give it a 270-degree field of vision. Lake Kodh Pier (Kodh) Dragonfly resting on post in center
Sleeping Bag Professor Sycamore's bedding. Best leave it be. Ice Cave (Froenborg) Sleeping bag to the left
Sleepy Clock Tower An unassuming clock tower, characteristic of this town. Mosinnia City Gate (Mosinnia) Top of clock tower to the right
Venus Flytrap This fascinating plant traps flies for sustenance. Village Path (Phong Gi) Flytrap to the left
Stagecoach What a curious horse-drawn cart. Antique, perhaps? Main Street (Torrido) Stagecoach to the left
Hummingbird A delightful little bird that dines on flower nectar. Jungle Waterfall (Phong Gi) Hummingbird near flower to the left
Beehive Be careful not to get stung! It can be terribly painful. Preesha's Hill (Mosinnia) Beehive at top of tree to the right
Flamboyant Drink It has a sparkler instead of an umbrella? Extraordinary! Bud's Bar & Grill (San Grio) Drink on counter to the left
Banana Plant Perfectly ripe bananas, ready to be picked. Hiltop Hotel Entrance (San Grio) Banana bunch on tree to the right
Drawbridge A bridge that is raised to allow boats to pass. Floating Market (San Grio) Bridge stretching between two buildings
Blowfish Its body bristles with spines so as to deter predators. Hiltop Hotel Lounge (San Grio) Blowfish in aquarium
Baker's Sign A sign that sure to whet one's appetite. Mosinnia City Gate (Mosinnia) Sign swinging above building in the center
Dried-Up Riverbed The area must be suffering from a prolonged dry spell... Parched Creek (Torrido) Dry creek bed to the left
Prototype Aeroplane A prototype aeroplane, built in the distant past. Museum (London) Aeroplane above dinosaur fossil to the right
Bottle Gourd This fruit can also be used as a handy water vessel. Tunnel to the Chapel (Hoogland) Fruit hanging from vine to the left
Phoenix Statue A gold statue of a phoenix worshiped by the locals. Phoenix Square (Mosinnia) Large phoenix statue in the center
Level Crossing Sign Always make sure no train is coming before you cross! Level Crossing (Kodh) Sign next to train tracks
Pendulum Clock Tower All Froenborgers are proud of this grand clock tower. Snow Coach Stop (Froenborg) Clock tower in the distance
Rusty Mine Cart The wheels on this cart are just lumps of red rust... Abandoned Mine (Torrido) Mine cart to the left
Boat Wreckage This wooden boat is rotten beyond repair. Lake Kodh Pier (Kodh) Boat next to lake on the left
Plastic Canister It seems it's empty...and, therefore, of no use. Waste Disposal Plant (The Nest) Red canister on the right
Wood-Chopping Axe Chopping logs clean in half is a lot harder than it looks! Watering Trough (Hoogland) Chopping block behind trough
Waiting Room Bench I often hear that sitting here makes people feel nervous. Reception (London) Bench to the left
Timber Signpost Lists all sorts of useful tourist information. Slippery Street (Froenborg) Signpost next to snowman on the right
Mammoth Bones Remarkably well-preserved, considering its age. Sanctuary Inner Gate (Froenborg) Mammoth skull to the right
Fire Hydrant The constant drip, drip, dripping is rather vexing... Scotland Yard (London) Fire hydrant to the right
Mini Snowman Someone put this little chap too close to the stove... Froenborg South Gate (zoomed) (Froenborg) Snowman on shelf to the left
Horned Owl This owl's "horns" are really feathers, it seems! Mosinnia Forest (Mosinnia) Owl sitting on tree trunk in the center
Straw Hat If the wind gets any stronger it might be blown away. Coconut Beach (San Grio) Hat hanging on post in the distance in the center
Purple Mushroom Its color suggests that it isn't safe to eat. Village Square (Phong Gi) Small mushrooms to the right
Forest Dandelion This tiny plant casts clusters of seeds onto the wind. Lakeside Forest (Kodh) Flowers at base of tree to the left
Gatekeeper's Lamp One of a pair of lamps that cast a solemn light. Chamber of Fire (Froenborg) Lamp held by statues on the left or right
Hermit Crab This crab chose a snail's shell to be its new home. Coconut Beach (San Grio) Crab near coconut to the right
Swaying Signpost Forever on the verge of breaking, and yet it stands. Miller's Square (Hoogland) Post to the left
Barber's Pole I do believe it's high time I had a haircut. Kensington High Street (London) Pole above bus stop to the right
Forgotten Umbrella Oddly enough, this reminds me of my school days. Frossen Bridge (Froenborg) Umbrella on bridge to the right

[edit] Rewards

A player can accumulate points by successfully completing challenges; these points can be exchanged for rewards, which can only be received once. Once each souvenir is obtained, they can be seen inside the Bostonius. The player will not have access to many rewards to begin with, but more become available after progressing through the story. Three special rewards, the Curious Suite Ticket, Surreal Suite Ticket, and Future Suite Ticket, can be taken to Barbara at the hotel in San Grio to gain access to special Dream Suites. The item Mini Bostonius also serves as the last collection item.

Reward Points
Set of Five Hint Coins 3
Mini Bostonius 3
Souvenir from Froenborg 5
Souvenir from Kodh 5
Souvenir from London 5
Souvenir from Phong Gi 8
Souvenir from San Grio 8
Souvenir from Torrido 8
Souvenir from Hoogland 8
Souvenir from Mosinnia 8
Souvenir from the Nest 10
Curious Suite Ticket 10
Surreal Suite Ticket 10
Future Suite Ticket 10

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