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Dogs and Cats
Puzzle Number 108
Puzzle Name (US)Dogs and Cats
(UK)Dog, Dog, Cat!
Picarats Given 30 Picarats
Type Write Answer
Location Black Market
Previous Puzzle UF107 - Chicken Race
Next Puzzle UF109 - Three Blocks

This is the one hundred and eighth puzzle you will encounter in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. To access this puzzle, you must talk to Catanova. In order to solve this puzzle, you must determine the smallest number that can fit into the equation.


[edit] Hints

Hint One
    Since you're dealing with equations here, the dogs and cats undoubtedly have something to do with numbers.

Hint Two
    Try adding up the left side of each equation and looking at the results. Are you starting to see what the cats and dogs represent?

Hint Three
    A dog stands for an odd number, and a cat stands for an even number...

Super Hint
    Dog means an odd number.

    Cat means an even number.

    If you need a three-digit number made up of three odd numbers, what's the smallest value possible for each digit?

[edit] Messages

[edit] When Failed

Too bad!

Try and work out what those cats and dogs represent.

[edit] When Completed


The answer is 110.

For each digit of each sum's answer, if the number is odd, it's a dog. If it's even, it's a cat.

Therefore, the smallest number that will result in dog dog dog is 111, which is 1 + 110!

[edit] Solution

The smallest number can be 110.

[edit] Progress

3830 Picarats and 253 Hint Coins.

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