Underground Ruins

Underground Ruins
Underground Ruins.png
Located In Labyrinthia
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 6: Secrets of the Underground Ruins
No. of Hint Coins 12
South Exit Great Witch's Abode

The Underground Ruins is a location based in Labyrinthia, seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The ruins extend far beneath Labyrinthia and originally housed the Bell of Ruin. According to Professor Layton, the ruins date back to an ancient civilization.


[edit] Appearance

The ruins are accessed through a wall panel behind the Great Witch's Room. It leads to a large waterway, with a long path leading to a locked door. A small room is contained to the right of the waterway. Past the door lies another room with a sealed door, where those who wish to reach the end must break the Seal of Leviathan, Seal of Despair, and Seal of Sages. At the end of the ruin lies an Altar Room, containing a large altar in the center.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Waterway

The waterway is the entrance into the ruins. It can be accessed by entering through a hidden wall panel at the back of the Great Witch's Room.

The area contains a large path lined with stone pillars, leading all the way to a large, sealed door. Bowls of fire also light the way towards the door. A smaller path leads off towards a small room, and the walls are lined with stone statues.

[edit] Small Room

The small room is a room offset from the waterway in the ruins. It is here that Professor Layton and Maya Fey obtain the key needed to unlock the sealed door along the waterway.

The room contains many broken stone pillars leading towards a small counter. Stone statues described as "saddening" line the walls.

[edit] Sealed Way

The Sealed Way of the ruins is the largest part of the ruins. In order to reach what is on the other side, one must break the Seal of Leviathan, the Seal of Despair, and the Seal of Sages.

The area contains stone statues lit by flames, with a stone tablet appearing on the left wall. A river flows down the center of the room, with a large, sealed door appearing on the other side.

[edit] The Altar Room

The Altar Room is the room that appears at the end of the ruins. It is where the Bell of Ruin was originally housed, and thus serves no other purpose. The room appears to be well preserved.

The room contains a large path leading to an altar at the end of the room. Stone pillars are placed on either sides of the path, and vines appear to be growing along the ceiling.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 6: Secrets of the Underground Ruins
Professor Layton and Maya follow through the wall panel in the Great Witch's Room to find themselves in the ruins, in the hope of finding the Great Witch. Entering a small room, they begin to hear the voice of the Great Witch, eager for Layton to figure out the secrets behind Labyrinthia. Upon leaving, she drops a key to allow them to unlock the sealed door in the waterway.

Luke, Phoenix Wright and Espella Cantabella soon make their way into the ruins, reuniting with Layton and Maya after hearing their voices. Everyone exchanges pleasantries, then Layton thanks Wright for taking care of Luke and Espella; likewise, Wright thanks Layton for taking care of Maya. They then both exchange information with each other. Wright reveals how he had figured out there was a trick behind the fire pit, and Layton tells him the Great Witch had led him into the ruins. Espella becomes nervous that they would finally find out her father's secrets, but remains strong and continues forth with the others.

The group eventually unlock the door using the key Layton and Maya had obtained, and find themselves in another part of the ruins. They find a stone slate by the wall filled with ancient script, and after deciphering it, Layton finds out it was a warning. The script reads:

"Heed these words, those who enter through these gates of destruction.
Do not proceed any further.
Or you will soon find yourself haunted with memories most terrifying.
When this gate is opened and the dreaded sound heard once more throughout...
the calamity shall befall us once again.
The inner sanctum has been locked with the Three Seals.
The first is the Seal of Leviathan.
Second is the Seal of Despair.
The third is the Seal of Sages.
Leave these seals in peace or face the dire consequences.
Heed this warning well."

The group deduce that the Great Witch Bezella had been sealed away in these ruins, and someone had released her. They ponder what they should do next, but Espella asserts that they must continue on, no matter the danger that lay ahead. They find themselves in a room different to that of the rest of the ruins, and discover that a large object had been sealed away. Layton reads the script and discovers the previous inhabitants of the land had built a large silver bell in order to bring forth a god; however, it brought forward an evil demon instead, and caused a great catastrophe upon the land. The survivors then dubbed the bell the Bell of Ruin, and sealed it away, fleeing the land. The inscription contains a final warning:

"To those who have gained entry into this sanctum, heed our words.
You must not ring the Bell of Ruin."

The Bell of Ruin had been removed from the room, and the group theorize that its origin could relate to Bezella. The catastrophe that destroyed the land turns out to be the Legendary Fire, making Espella react strangely. She hears the voice of the Great Witch, telling her to remember what she had done so many years ago, implying she was Bezella. Espella then experiences flashbacks of the Legendary Fire, causing her to panic and run out of the ruins.

[edit] Puzzles

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