Username Squiggle
Age 21
Location Australia
Games Owned Curious Village
Diabolical Box
Unwound Future
Last Specter
Miracle Mask
Azran Legacy
vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Mystery Room



My name is Squiggle, or if you prefer to call me Erin that's cool too. I am the Wiki Leader here on the Professor Layton wiki! I haven't been a Professor Layton fan for very long, but it is already my favourite series! I have always wanted to get into the series ever since Curious Village came out, but I never got that opportunity until Christmas of 2012 when I got Miracle Mask and Diabolical Box for Christmas. I loved them so much, particularly Miracle Mask! I'm now proud to say I have Laytonitis.

To-Do List

  • Collect pictures of Miracle Mask characters
  • Collect biography pictures of Miracle Mask characters
  • Get biography and character pictures for Azran Legacy - PICS STILL NEEDED:
  • Create navigation templates for games/locations/puzzles/characters etc etc (maybe)
  • Finish Akbadain sub pages
  • Location pages for CV, DB, UF & LS
  • My list is never ending I cbf adding more things here. x.x

Need Help?

If you need any help regarding something on the wikis, puzzle help, or you just wanna talk about Layton, you can drop me a PM and I can get back to you as soon as I can!

Page Layouts

Just noting how I'll probs lay out different pages. Also making a note to create individual infoboxes if I get around to it --InfoboxCharacter, InfoboxLocation and InfoboxPuzzle created


  • Infobox
    • Role
    • Gender
    • Appearances
    • Hometown
    • Alias/Other Names
    • Voice Actors
    • Relations
    • Occupation
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Puzzles
  • Plot
  • Biography
  • Trivia (optional)


  • Infobox
    • Puzzle Number
    • Puzzle Name
    • Picarats Given
    • Type
    • Location
    • Previous Puzzle
    • Next Puzzle
  • For downloaded puzzles:
    • Puzzle Number
    • Puzzle Name
    • Type
    • Location (PLAA only)
    • Released
    • Difficulty (MM and AL only)
    • Previous Puzzle
    • Next Puzzle
  • Intro - number puzzle, game, how to access it (talk to someone? Tap an area?), how to solve
  • Hints
  • Messages
    • When Failed
    • When Completed
  • Solution
  • Progress


  • Infobox
    • Located In
    • Appearances
    • Chapter Accessible
    • Owner (if building)
    • No. of Hint Coins
    • North Exit
    • East Exit
    • South Exit
    • West Exit
  • Appearance
  • Areas of Interest
  • Plot
  • Characters in the Area
  • Puzzles
  • Hint Coin Locations
  • Gallery