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Age 18
Location Australia
Games Owned Diabolical Box
Unwound Future
Last Specter
Miracle Mask



My name is squiggle bath, or if you prefer to call me Erin that's cool too. I am the Wiki Leader here on the Professor Layton wiki! I haven't been a Professor Layton fan for very long, but it is already my favourite series! I have always wanted to get into the series ever since Curious Village came out, but I never got that opportunity until Christmas of 2012 when I got Miracle Mask and Diabolical Box for Christmas. I loved them so much, particularly Miracle Mask! I'm now proud to say I have Laytonitis, although I'm a little sad I don't have all the games (curse you Curious Village for being so hard to find at a cheap price!). I really can't wait for Azran Legacies to come out though, very excited for it!

My Favourites

So what are my favourites from the games?

Game: Definitely has to be Miracle Mask, my first game. I really love how Layton's past was woven into the game and I love having his old friends in the game too! Every time I finish that game I always get the urge to play it again. That one will never get old for me.
Character: Have to say I really like Randall from Miracle Mask. He's quite the character with his passion for archaeology, you just can't not like him. I also really felt for him when he found out he was being used as the Masked Gentleman, and after losing his family and friends for 18 years. That would just be so sad! Future Luke comes in a close second because he does seem like the model first anyway (though he'll never beat Layton in a battle of gentlemanliness [is that even a word?]!). Hats off to Inspector Grosky too, because he's just funny.
Location: Monte d'Or, where else? If they built a place like Monte d'Or I think my life would be complete. It seems like the perfect place to live; fun all day, every day!
OST: Probably the soundtrack Illusion from Miracle Mask. I could listen to that soundtrack for hours (and I have actually done so) and never get tired of it. I love how eerie and mysterious it sounds. Heck I pretty much love the whole Miracle Mask soundtrack (you've probably noticed how much I love MM by now eh?).
Scene: It has to be when Claire and Layton had their final moments together in Unwound Future. That one really made me tear up; it was such an emotional scene to watch. I felt so sad for Layton ughhh! I also like the scene where Katia and Anton are reunited in Diabolical Box, and when Anton reads Sophia's letter to him. Also made me tear up a bit. Aaaand probably when Henry explains to Randall how he's like a brother to him and has always been there for him in Miracle Mask. That whole scene was just...aaaah.
Puzzle: I thoroughly enjoyed the Pancake Stacking puzzles in Diabolical Box, because I found them so easy. I have an actual Tower of Hanoi lying around and I'd get that out sometimes and get the tower from one end to the other with speed. I always tried to get faster as I practiced it more. So seeing the Pancake Stacking puzzles made me happy.

To-Do List

  • Do Step-By-Step Solutions for Miracle Mask puzzle pages that need it
  • Finish all daily puzzle pages for Miracle Mask
  • Finish all location pages for Miracle Mask
  • Finish all character plots for Miracle Mask
  • Collect pictures of Miracle Mask characters
  • Collect biography pictures of Miracle Mask characters
  • Clean up all puzzle pages
  • Clean up all character pages
  • Create pages for Miracle Mask's mini-games
  • Prepare for Azran Legacy in the coming months
  • Get Layton Brothers: Mystery Room so pages can be done for that!

Need Help?

If you need any help regarding something on the wikis, puzzle help, or you just wanna talk about Layton, you can drop me a PM and I can get back to you as soon as I can!