Vera Wipovsky

Vera Wipovsky
Vera Wipovsky.png
Role Suspect
Gender Female
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Zach Carrière (Co-worker)
10 unnamed children
Unnamed husband
Occupation Hotel Cleaner

Vera Wipovsky is a cleaner at a seaside resort in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She appears in the case File No. 001: The Hand Sandwich, where she discovers the body of a young woman on the terrace of the hotel.

[edit] Appearance

Vera Wipovsky wears a greyish-brown long sleeved shirt and a dark brown skirt, with a white apron. She also wears grey-brown shoes, blue tights, a white bandanna and has orange curly hair.

[edit] Plot

001: The Hand Sandwich:
On the day of Sandy Aldwich's murder, Wipovsky had entered her hotel room to clean the room. After pulling back the curtains to see Aldwich slumped over the table on the terrace, she checks on her to discover she had been killed.

[edit] Profile

Vera Profile.png

A cleaner at the hotel
"Hotel cleaner and mother of ten, considered by all who know her to be an absolute rock. However, she worries that her husband may have an affair while working away."

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