Violet Reinhold

Violet Reinhold
Role Minor Character
Gender Female
Appearances Curious Village
Hometown St. Mystere
Other Names Lady Viola*
Relations Baron Reinhold*
Flora Reinhold*
Occupation Former Baroness of St. Mystere

Violet Reinhold, also known as Viola Reinhold, is the late wife of Baron Reinhold and mother of Flora Reinhold. She passed away from influenza when Flora was very small, prompting the Baron to ask Bruno to make a replica of her for the young girl. However, the replica would ultimately gain its own personality and become Lady Dahlia.

Lady Violets's Grave

Violet Reinhold's grave lies within the grounds of the Reinhold Manor, Professor Layton and Luke are given the opportunity to visit her grave when investigating the history of the Reinhold family. Matthew lets the duo take a look at the grave, which is an underground shrine-like gravestone kept in pristine condition, the way Baron Reinhold wanted it before and after he died.

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