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The World Times is a feature introduced in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is a newspaper that reports on various happenings around the world in the locations that Professor Layton and the group travel to. These articles often give access to new areas, puzzles, and rewards. They are written by Dariya Kolum who can be sighted in various locations around the world, searching for the latest scoop.

After locating an Aura Stone in each of its designated areas, new articles will appear. A total of twenty articles appear during the course of the game.


[edit] Chippy Draws Huge Crowds!

Origin of Article: London

"A local fish and chip shop in London has reached unprecedented popularity. The daily queues are so long, they require police supervision."

To investigate this article, you must talk to the Policeman outside Scotland Yard.

Luke and Emmy ask for recommendations on where to eat, and the policeman recommends the aforementioned fish and chip shop, where he is often found in the queue. He gives them the directions after some convincing, telling them the line is often three hours long. In the end, they decide not to visit the establishment.

[edit] Snowman Seen Dancing at Night!

Origin of Article: Froenborg

"Rumors of a snowman that moves during the night are spreading through Froenborg. One lady even claims to have seen it flamenco dancing!"

To investigate this article, you must talk to Mascha.

Professor Layton and the group notice Mascha talking about the dancing snowman to Solveig, and ask her about it themselves. Mascha notes how the rumor she herself spread has been helping with tourism, and so Emmy tells her the tourists will soon realize that her rumors are just a lie. Mascha soon thinks that she would have to dress up as a snowman and dance herself.

[edit] A Prehistoric Visitor?

Origin of Article: Kodh

"There have been a number of recent sightings of a long-necked monster in Lake Kodh that the locals have taken to calling "Koddhi"."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Boris.

When Professor Layton and the others ask him about "Koddhi", Boris invites them to talk about it inside his hut. He reveals that he had started to call it "Koddles", and that he had eaten the monster. He then tells them that the monster was in fact a large eel, and that the article made its picture seem larger than it actually was.

[edit] Birdsong Saved My Life!

Origin of Article: Phong Gi

"An explorer who went missing in the jungle has been found alive and well. Apparently, he was able to follow an unusual bird call to a hidden village..."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Lepidella.

Lepidella explains to Professor Layton and the group how her husband Morel hasn't stopped laughing since his eyesight was restored, and Layton deduces his laughing was the strange bird call mentioned. He asks Professor Sycamore to tell the chief one of his jokes, as he feels this would put a stop to his laughter. Sure enough it does, and Lepidella thanks the group for helping them out once again. She mentions a reward she had left for the group, and asks them to find it.

[edit] Mushrooms are on the Move!

Origin of Article: Phong Gi

"A huge new mushroom has been discovered in the jungle. Oddly, it seems that this fungus can move rather rapidly, and has no desire to be caught..."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Chestnut.

When Professor Layton and the group approach Chestnut, he instantly tries to flee, but is brought back by Emmy's questioning as to why he was running away. He gives them a puzzle, and after it is solved he challenges the group to a race. Once again he is asked why he was running off, and reveals he was chased down by a reporter, who they figured was Dariya Kolum.

[edit] Murals are the New Mosaics!

Origin of Article: London

"A museum exhibit of murals from all over the world is proving to be a roaring success, and many people have been inspired to try their hand at wall art."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Lucille Layton.

Professor Layton and the group speak to Lucille in the museum, they ask of the aforementioned wall art exhibition, which she tells them had already ended. She tells Layton the latest exhibition included a portion of the Wall of Norwell, which he remembers from his school days (referencing to events from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask).

[edit] Aircraft Lures to Their Doom!

Origin of Article: Kodh

"Lake Kodh has seen a string of aircraft crashes of late, and the police are grateful to the efforts of one local resident for her rescue activities."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Larisa.

Luke notices a café in the area, and they go inside to see Larisa. She asks if their aircraft had crashed again, however they were okay. The group then realize she is the resident who had been helping crash victims, and she tells them she has first aid kits in the back of her café, and wonders why people often visit the café only to seek medical attention.

[edit] Restaurateur Revels in Accolade!

Origin of Article: San Grio

"San Grio has been chosen as one of the world's best resorts. A local restaurateur welcomed the news, looking forward to the custom it will bring."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Bud.

Professor Layton and the group visit Bud, who is trying to think of new meals to add to his menu to celebrate the success of San Grio. Luke suggests a dessert, but Bud finds this a concern as it would have to compete with Miranda's popoño cakes. He then suggests popoño ice cream, and Bud likes this idea. He then tells them of a reward he left for them for their help, which they would have to find.

[edit] Keep an Eye on Your Room Keys!

Origin of Article: San Grio

"Tourists are warned to be vigilant as room key theft rises in San Grio. One victim says, "I was so enthralled by that hotel fish tank, I never knew they were gone!""

To investigate this article, you must talk to Aldus.

Professor Layton and the group find Aldus in the Hiltop Hotel's foyer, who is admiring the aquarium. He mentions that he had lost his room key, and Emmy notifies him of the rising room key theft. Aldus denies his key was stolen, and Emmy realizes he had locked himself out of his room. Layton suggests he asks the front desk for a spare key, and Aldus takes off, thanking the professor for his help.

[edit] Darkness Falls on Lakeside Town!

Origin of Article: Kodh

"A widespread power outage takes Kodh's residents by surprise. According to one woman, "You'd need something huge to knock out our grid!""

To investigate this article, you must talk to Pavlova.

Professor Layton and the group ask Pavlova about the recent power outage in the town, and she reveals that what she had told the newspaper was a small lie. She had been hanging lanterns around the town for the recent celebrations in the town, and the power overload caused the outage. She plans for the next illuminations to be seen from space, which confuses Aurora as no one would want to go to space just to see it.

[edit] A Bright Future for Archaeology!

Origin of Article: London

"A new archaeological analysis device has been installed at London's Gressenheller University. The staff have responded warmly and enthusiastically."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Clark Triton.

The group is eager to see the device, and so Professor Layton takes them to the research facility next to Gressenheller University. They ask Clark if they can see the device in action, to which he says it wasn't operating due to students changing the calibration settings. This reminds Layton and Clark of the professor's recklessness when he was a student, and how he would often miss classes to go on expeditions.

[edit] Vet Asked to Deal with Wild Wolf!

Origin of Article: Torrido

"A vet doing rounds in Torrido passed out and had to be taken to hospital. Only used to small pets, the sight of a wolf was just too much."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Ruby and Old Red.

Professor Layton and the group find Old Red and Ruby, and thronging Old Red looking unwell. Luke asks Old Red what was wrong, and he tells him he had a stomach ache. Professor Sycamore suggests he eats some maize, as it helps to settle stomach aches. Ruby tells the group she has some outside her house, so they grab a few stalks. After chewing on the maize, Old Red feels better. They soon find the core of the problem, when Scarlett, Flint and Derringer all bring him food. Old Red thanks Luke and tells him he had left a reward for them.

[edit] Shots Ring Out in Torrido!

Origin of Article: Torrido

"An unlikely newcomer beat Torrido's former sharpshooting champ and claimed first prize at the annual contest. The winner is available for autographs."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Jesse.

Jesse tells the group how he had become the shooting champion, which Aurora feels was dangerous to partake in. He tries to offer Emmy an autograph, to which she declines. He offers a puzzle instead, and soon tries to flee when he hears Old Red growling. He then tells the group he wasn't a "yellow belly", and makes up excuses as to why he fled.

[edit] Cold Comfort for Unlucky Skater!

Origin of Article: Froenborg

"A scare in Froenborg as a young skater fell into an icy pond. "His jumps were just too high," one rueful onlooker remarked."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Erik.

Professor Layton and the group notice that Harald is frazzled, and he tells them of the young boy who was doing dangerous stunts. He tells them where the boy will be, and they attempt to stop him. The boy, Erik, is about to perform another stunt, and the two professors try to tell him how dangerous it is. He doesn't want to listen, and gives them a puzzle. Since they couldn't convince him to step down, Layton tells him of the consequences of his actions, like being humiliated in the World Times once again. This them convinced Erik to not go through with his stunt.

[edit] A Bumper Feast for Hoogland!

Origin of Article: Hoogland

"A Hoogland baker made an inconceivable amount of bread for the harvest festival. Making sure none went to waste was certainly a challenge!"

To investigate this article, you must talk to Julien.

Professor Layton and the group speak to Julien about the excessive amount of bread he had made, and he tells them of the harvest festival. He then asks Emmy how she keeps in shape, and she tells him of her martial arts activities. Romilda joins Julien and he tells this to her. They explain that Romilda was worried about her figure, and wanted their wedding day to be perfect. She feared that her dress would be too small, but Emmy tells her she needn't worry. They thank the group for their help, and tell them they had left a reward for them to find.

[edit] Mint Sauce at the Ready!

Origin of Article: Hoogland

"The lamb ham packing season is a busy time in Hoogland, with people coming from all over the world to sample this meaty delight at its source."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Piet.

Piet feels worried that Felicia has run off, and the group suspect that it was to do with the abovementioned article. Piet assures he would never eat his friend, and asks the group to find her for him. They find her outside the chapel, however she won't tell Luke her problem until she gains his trust by solving her puzzle. Afterwards, she tells Luke the problem and asks the group to meet back with Piet. Luke explains to him that Felicia doesn't like when he uses her wool as a hanky, however she let's him continue doing so after he tells of how soft and fluffy her wool is.

[edit] Yeti Becomes Café Regular!

Origin of Article: Froenborg

"Froenborg police received reports of a yeti storming a local restaurant. By the time they arrived, however, there was nothing to see but leftover stew."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Georg.

Luke notices a small café after noticing a smell coming from there, and so the group go inside. They see Georg inside, who they assume to be the café owner, however he is just a customer. They ask about the supposed yeti that had been visiting the café, and he reveals it was he who was the yeti. He came into the café without shaking off the snow genes covered in, and has come to be known as the yeti. Emmy thought of how terrible it must be to be getting unwanted publicity, however Georg didn't seem to mind.

[edit] Insomnia in Mosinnia?

Origin of Article: Mosinnia

"It seems that a growing number of adults in Mosinnia are unable to sleep. "Well, what do you expect? I've just spent a whole week asleep!" said one lady."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Umid.

Umid tells Professor Layton and the group of how his mother, Banu, had not been sleeping. She passes it off as having a week's worth of energy stored up that needed to be burned, but Umid didn't think this was the case. He makes a comment about the smelly tea she had been drinking, and soon Emmy realizes Banu had been using tea leaves that had the caffeine of ten coffees. She gives Banu a tea strainer to use, and advises she doesn't leave the tea leaves in her tea. Umid thanks the group for their help, and leaves a reward for them to take.

[edit] Firebird in Demand!

Origin of Article: Mosinnia

"A pair of poachers were apprehended by a lone man. Sadly, the two later escaped police custody, telling something about a phoenix as they ran."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Nassir.

Professor Layton try to pass through the forest, when they are stopped by Nassir, who thinks they are poachers. Emmy tries to plead their innocence, and mentions his son Temir knows of them. Thinking they had threatened his son, Nassir gives them a puzzle. After Emmy solved it he realizes they aren't poachers, bit still tells them to keep away as they had no reason to investigate the forest.

[edit] Londoners Take to the Skies!

Origin of Article: London

"A hangar in London offering trial flights is enjoying a run of success. Passengers and onlookers alike find the performances highly entertaining."

To investigate this article, you must talk to Roland Layton.

Professor Layton and the group go inside the Aerodrome to take a look into the article, and see Roland inside. He tells Layton that ever since he had seen him take off in the Bostonius, he had become more interested in aircraft, and decided to take a ride in one as mentioned in the article. Layton tells him to make sure Lucille didn't hear of this, as she would worry too much. Luke notes that both Layton and Roland were like each other, as they were both adventurous.

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