CV104 - A Sweet Treat

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A Sweet Treat
Puzzle Number 104
Puzzle Name A Sweet Treat
Picarats Given 30 Picarats
Type Draw Line
Location Prosciutto's
Previous Puzzle CV103 - Wood Cutouts
Next Puzzle CV105 - Rolling a Three

This is the one hundred and fourth puzzle that appears in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. To access this puzzle, you must talk to Prosciutto. In order to solve this puzzle, you must divide the chocolate into four of the same shape, making sure an almond is in a different location for each portion.


[edit] Hints

Hint One
    To satisfy all the conditions set forth by the puzzle, you need to cut the chocolate into four L-shaped pieces.

    Now, how to divide it up?

Hint Two
    It's easy enough to cut the chocolate into four L-shaped pieces. The problem is getting those stubborn almonds into the right places!

    Try working it out a few times. If two almonds keep ending up in the same piece of chocolate, you know you've got to rework your strategy for dividing up that section.

Hint Three
    As you can see, there are a total of 16 squares of chocolate that you'll divide up into four sections of four squares.

    There are only so many ways to arrange four L-shaped pieces of chocolate into a perfect square. See if you can brainstorm a few before you begin cutting.

[edit] Messages

[edit] When Failed

Too bad!

Study the position of those almonds.

[edit] When Completed

Nicely done!

Now make sure you share with everyone!

[edit] Solution


Divide the chocolate as shown.

[edit] Progress

3715 Picarats and 189 Hint Coins.

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