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Professor Hershel Layton
Role Protagonist
Gender Male
Appearances Curious Village
Diabolical Box
Unwound Future
Last Specter
Eternal Diva
Miracle Mask
Azran Legacy
vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Hometown London
Other Names Theodore Bronev*
Sir Top Hat*
Sir Dark Hat*
Voice Actors English:
Christopher Robin Miller
Yō Ōizumi
Relations Claire*
Jean Descole*
Leon Bronev*
Rachel Bronev*
Flora Reinhold*
Roland Layton*
Lucille Layton*
Alfendi Layton*
Katrielle Layton*
Other Luke Triton*
Emmy Altava*
Randall Ascot*
Angela Ledore*
Henry Ledore*
Alphonse Dalston*
Clark Triton*
Espella Cantabella*
Phoenix Wright*
Maya Fey*
Don Paolo*
Andrew Schrader*
Carmine Accidenti*
Janice Quatlane*
Occupation Professor at Gressenheller University

Professor Hershel Layton is the titular character of the Professor Layton series. He is an archaeologist in London and with world renown for this puzzle solving ability, and teaches archaeology at Gressenheller University. He travels the world with his apprentice Luke, his adopted daughter Flora Reinhold after the events in Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and his assistant Emmy Altava beginning with Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


[edit] Appearance

Hershel is always seen with his top hat, saying that it's gentlemanly to keep your hat on at all times, however he has a backstory with his hat. He wears an orange shirt, with a black coat over the top. Hershel also wears black pants and dark green shoes.

[edit] Personality

Hershel Layton is a typical English gentleman, and on top of everything else it is important to him that at all times he and his apprentice Luke, must act in a gentlemanly manner. He is shown to be brave and incredibly intelligent with a keen and avid interest in puzzles. if he comes across a puzzle and gets it wrong he becomes extremely embarrassed, often saying things such as "That's one possibility eliminated I guess" or "My, this is a tricky one". He values his Laytonmobile above all else, calling it his "pride and joy". He always wears his signature top hat to which he never takes off, yet another gentlemanly characteristic of his, saying "A gentleman must never take off his hat". His philosophy of "A woman's needs comes before a man's" is speculated to cause the rivalry between he and Don Paolo. Layton always stays calm and thinks situations through with the utmost care, no matter how careful or dangerous a situation. Of course being a true English Gentleman he has a love for tea, but his love is greater for puzzles. In Diabolical Box, he is shown to be talented at sword fighting, which is later revealed in Miracle Mask that he was a keen fencer in his high school days, along with his friend Randall Ascot.

[edit] Early Life

Hershel in his high school years

Hershel Layton was born with the name of Theodore Bronev, while his older brother, Jean Descole, was known as Hershel Bronev. Their parents, Leon and Rachel Bronev, were avid researchers of the Azran Civilization. While their father had been making breakthroughs with his reserach, both he and Rachel were kidnapped by Targent, leaving the young Hershel and Theodore as orphans. The news reached a couple by the name of Lucille and Roland Layton, who were able to adopt one of the children, and planned to adopt Hershel. In order for his younger brother to have a somewhat normal life, the older brother switched their names so that Theodore was to be adopted in his stead. From that day forward, Theodore was to be known as Hershel Layton.

Layton moved from London to Stansbury in his teens with Lucille and Roland, where he met and went to Kingsbrook Academy with Randall Ascot, Henry Ledore, Angela Ledore and Alphonse Dalston. He lived in Stansbury for three years, and while his best friend Randall was passionate about archaeology, Hershel himself had no interest in the field. During an expedition to the Akbadain Ruins, Hershel lost Randall after he accidentally activated one of the ruins' traps. Hershel tried to pull Randall up while he was hanging over a large chasm in the ground, however he lost his grip as Randall tried to hand over the Mask of Chaos, in turn falling down the deep ravine.

Some time after this event, he moved back to London with his parents so he could study archaeology at Gressenheller University, after being influenced by Randall. He was taught by Dr. Andrew Schrader, and met such students as Don Paolo, who was a year above him, and Clark Triton. During his time at university, he met his girlfriend Claire, the woman who gave the Professor his signature hat. Since the day she died in a time machine accident, he has refused to remove the hat as a sign of respect. Don Paolo too had feelings for Claire and did not like the fact that Claire chose Hershel over him. After Claire's death, Don Paolo declared revenge on Layton, as he believed he was the cause of Claire's death, thinking that he did not protect her.

Sometime after the death of his girlfriend, Hershel became an archaeology Professor at Gressenheller University. During this time period, he met his 'yet to be assistant' Emmy Altava, although the Professor does not remember their first encounter. He had saved Emmy from being arrested by Inspector Grosky for supposedly stealing a boy's wallet, however Layton quickly deduced that the boy had stolen his mom's wallet to buy himself a new pair of shoes. It wasn't until Professor Layton and the Last Specter that the Professor met his apprentice, Luke Triton.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Curious Village

At the beginning of this game, Professor Layton is seen reading a letter sent prior 2 months to the plot in the Laytonmobile with his puzzle apprentice, Luke Triton from none other than Baron Reinhold which read the following message:
"The Reinhold family treasure, the Golden Apple, is hidden somewhere within this village.
To whomever successfully locates this treasure, I offer the whole of my estate."
The letter was founded by his wife, Lady Dahlia, who is very much puzzled at the odd request printed on the letter and requests Professor Layton's help.

Chapter 1: Reinhold Manor Awaits
When they first arrive at St. Mystere, they are greeted by a drawbridge and a worker named Franco. Franco at first does not let them past since they are not familiar faces, but once Layton explains that they have been requested here by Lady Dahlia, Franco does not hesitate for one second to get the drawbridge lowered.

Layton and luke first enquire around the town to see where Reinhold Manor is. When they eventually find it, they are welcomed by Matthew, the manor's only servant. Layton notices two portraits in the Manor's Parlour, one of which he identifies as Baron Reinhold and an unknown young female. Matthew explains that the young lady is Baron Reinhold's only daughter, Flora.

Layton and Luke are guided upstairs where they meet Gordon Reinhold, brother of the deceased and Simon Reinhold, nephew of the deceased. Lady Dahlia greets Layton and Luke not so long afterwards, holding her cat, Claudia. When layton goes to greet Lady Dahlia, a loud crashing noise echoes through the manor, scaring Claudia away. Before Layton and Luke could delve deeper in the Golden Apple case, they are ordered by Lady Dahlia to find and retrieve the scared cat.

Chapter 2: The Fugitive Feline
Professor Layton and Luke are sent on a wild goose chase to find Lady Dahlia's cat, Claudia, which results in them running around most of St. Mystere. It isn't until Layton and Luke come across an old woman called Agnes who has Fish Bones. Once Layton and Luke solve her puzzle, they are given the Fish Bones in order to lure Claudia to them, but this results in Luke getting scratched by the angry feline.

Chapter 3: The Missing Servant
Layton and Luke return to Reinhold Manor to give Claudia to her concerned owner. However, they were greeted by a police officer from Scotland Yard who goes by the name of Inspector Chelmey, who explains that whilst they were out finding Claudia, Simon Reinhold had been murdered. Once layton talks to Matthew, the family's well-loved servant, Matthew explains that he found a small cog near the deceased and he gives this small cog to Layton because he trusts him. Chelmey then asks the Reinhold Family if they are ready to be interviewed, which Matthew quickly intervenes saying that Ramon is missing. Layton and Luke and once again ordered by Lady Dahlia to search St. Mystere, this time for Ramon.

Chapter 4: Night Falls
Layton and Luke attempt to seek Ramon at dusk. They explore the Fork In The Road where they seen an old, mysterious man carrying a body bag with what looks to be a deceased Ramon inside. Layton and Luke attempt to chase the old man but are unable to catch him. They do, however, find another small cog which matched the one that Matthew gave them at Reinhold Manor after Simon's death. The following morning, they see Ramon, who does not seem to recall the events of the night earlier at all, saying he had to venture out for afternoon shopping. Layton and Luke express their concerns to Inspector Chelmey, who disregards them and explains that the village of St. Mystere does not need a drowsy scholar waking the whole village. Layton starts to rethink what he saw and goes back to the inn with luke for the night.

Chapter 6: The Elusive Tower
The next day, Layton and Luke venture out to explore the town of St. Mystere deeper. They reach the Amusement Park, where the old ticket dropped by the young lady is from.

Chapter 7: The Abandoned Park
Layton and Luke enter the abandoned park, where they see in the distance a Ferris Wheel. When Layton and Luke go to examine this, the Ferris Wheel breaks away from is holding and "chases" after Layton and Luke. Layton makes a daring moving by throwing himself at Luke to the right so that they could avoid the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel collides into a small, locked building and hurdles into the lake. The duo go to explore the small building, which now they can enter due to the entrance being smashed into, and notice that there are many corridors. Once the correct corridor is found, they come face-to-face with a doorway and once unlocked, they discover a room with several pictures, behind one is the Tower Key. Layton proceeds to try and explore the key, but they are later stopped by Ramon who orders them to go back to the Reinhold Manor.

Chapter 8: the Shadowy Intruder
Layton goes back to Reinhold Manor, only to be accused of murdering Simon Reinhold by hitting him over the head with a peculiar looking blue vase. When Chelmey attempted to make an arrest, Layton objects and says that he remembers being offered the same blue vase by Giuseppe in the St. Mystere market, Giuseppe claimed that he was given the vase by an unknown male. After this confrontation, Chelmey demands for Layton to hand over the Tower Key, which he could not have know about unless he was tracking layton and Luke's every move. Chelmey also called his wife Jane, when in fact Chelmey's wife's name is Amelie, which suggests that the Inspector Chelmey present in St. Mystere is an impostor. This was made apparent when the impostor took off his disguise and revealed himself as none other than Don Paolo, self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of Layton, even though Layton has never heard of Paolo before.

Chapter 9: The Tower's Secret
With Luke by his side, Professor Layton heads to St. Mystere Tower, using the Tower Key in which they found at the Abandoned Park to unlock the secret entrance. When they first step into the tower, they are greeted by a gigantic hole in the floor, which they fall down. They then come face-to-face with the weird, old man who has been "kidnapping" the village people of St. Mystere who goes by the name of Bruno. He explains to Professor Layton that he has not been kidnapping the village people, but has been collecting the villagers for repair work and then reveals the true nature of the townspeople, they are all robots. They were created to lead seekers of the Golden Apple to the tower.

Professor Layton and Luke make their way to the top of the tower to find a well-kept cottage staring back at them. They meet a young woman in the cottage, this is Flora Reinhold, the only daughter of Baron Reinhold. She explains that she is the Golden Apple and was told to stay in the cottage until someone finds her.

However, the happy atmosphere inside the cottage is soon to be taken away. Don Paolo returns in his flying machine, attacking the tower. The trio make their way down the stairs, Luke manages to jump over the gap in the stairs made by a slash of the flying machine's attack. This makes it impossible for Layton and Flora to pass. The two return to the cottage where Layton makes a makeshift contraption that will get them down on St. Mystere's ground safely using Flora's lace on her dress, an arch of a gigantic globe and an old curtain. Layton then flies the contraption out of the window of the cottage. Landing on the ground roughly, Flora is knocked unconscious. When Flora wakes up, layton sees an Apple birthmark on her right shoulder, indicating where the treasure may be in the Reinhold Manor.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Prologue: The Elysian Box
After the events of Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Layton and Luke are met with a new challenge. The duo go to see Layton's mentor in his London flat, Andrew Schrader after Layton gets a letter informing him that the Elysian Box is in Schrader's possession. When they solve a puzzle to get into the flat, they find that the legend of the box bringing death upon those who open it to be true, they find Andrew Schrader dead and the Elysian Box is nowhere to be seen. Layton finds pieces of a torn up photograph and a train ticket for the Molentary Express on the floor.

Chapter 1: The Legendary Molentary Express
Due to Layton's instinct, the duo board the Molentary Express in search of clues to Andrew Schrader's death and, of course, the Elysian Box. Layton meets once again with Inspector Chelmey and also comes across Mr. Beluga, the train's owner. Layton and Luke also unveil Flora from her disguise that she used to tail them so that she could join in on the adventure also.

Chapter 2: The Country Village of Dropstone
The train stops in Dropstone, a small village celebrating its 50th anniversary of it's founding. As the train stops for repairs; Layton, Luke and Flora decide to enquire about the Elysian Box around the small town and quickly discover that a man who goes by the name of Mr. Anderson may hold valuable information, including where the box may be.

The trio solve a puzzle to find Mr. Anderson, which involves the player to circle the correct man by the description given on the puzzle. Mr. Anderson then reveals that his mother-in-law, who had recently died, Sophia, who founded Dropstone and the elusive Elysian Box.

As they leave, they witness Katia going on-board the train with a welcoming farewell from all the villagers in Dropstone.

Chapter 3: A Diverging Path
When Layton and Luke are busy with other affairs, Flora is taken by Don Paolo and locked in a Dropstone barn. Paolo then disguises himself as Flora. Layton managed to crack a puzzle to let the trio gain entry into the Deluxe Car of the Molentary Express where they fall asleep whilst going though the tunnel to Folsense.

Chapter 4: The Phantom Town of Folsense
The trio get off the Molentary Express and walk down a long, pitch-black corridor with the walls of the tunnel plastered with photographs of Folsense that are fifty years old. When they reach the end of the corridor, they all share the same shaking, dizzy feeling and the whole of Folsense is light up before their very eyes.

Flora feels ill after the shaking and therefore asks Layton to take her to a hotel so that she can rest. Layton finds Folsense Hotel and he and Luke go out searching in Folsense. When Layton explores the east of the town, he stumbles across a Photo Studio which is run by Joseph and notices that the photographs in the studio and train station taken fifty years ago looks like Folsense exactly how it is now.

Chapter 5: Shadows on the Street Corner
Chapter 6: The Road to Herzen Castle
Chapter 7: An Encounter at the End of the Line

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Prologue: The Clock Shop on Midland Road
Chapter 1: Is This The Future?
Chapter 2: A Boy Named Luke
Professor Layton and Luke head off in pursuit of Future Luke in Gilded 7 Casino, as guided by Becky, who mentions that it is north on Flatstone Street. She also mentions Family Goons are located around it and shift positions regularly. The duo head off to the Casino and the guard is not there.

As they walk up north Flatstone Street, they see a red-haired woman, who has a striking resemblance to that of Layton's old sweetheart, Claire. Luke asks what is wrong with Layton, he says that he is fine to him even though he had a flashback to a dinner date with the identical lady.

Nevertheless, they head to the Casino. On arrival, the duo are inspected by the Casino bodyguard Harold, they allow them to pass after solving a puzzle. They are then greeted by Future Luke, who welcomes their arrival with a puzzle battle. After solving the puzzle battle, Future Luke proceeds to tell the duo that an evil Future Layton has taken over the city and it's underworld. Luke suspects it is the ever-elusive Don Paolo at the beginning, but Future Luke explains that the Future Layton is indeed the Professor himself.

Chapter 3: The Enigmatic Future
Chapter 4: Back to the Present
Professor Layton, Luke and Future Luke head back to the Clock Shop and take a shortcut. They solve a puzzle to make the door covering the shortcut budge, but to no avail. The trio then agree to run into the door in an attempt to open it, they rudely awoke Niklaus, who was sleeping against the door from the other side. They apologise and continue.

They enter the Clock Shop, with the help of Future Luke's secret knock. Cogg explains that The Family have invested money into making a time machine going from London to Future London to Professor Layton and Luke & that he was the only one who could open it and that it was a wormhole between the two times.

Future Luke explains that he will stay behind to prevent any disruption to the times, and so the Professor and Luke head to London. Layton explains he has to go and see Inspector Chelmey but has to go to Gressenheller University to pick up old documents before he does.

Chapter 5: The Forgotten Case
Chapter 6: Traveling Companions
Chapter 7: Chinatown
Chapter 8: A Meeting by the River
Chapter 9: The Master of the Towering Pagoda
Chapter 10: Across the Thames
Chapter 11: The Time Machine Facility
Chapter 12: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 13: The Stronghold of Madness
Epilogue: The Unwound Future

[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Prologue: So We Meet Again
Layton receives a letter from one of his old friends, Clark Triton, whilst in his office in Gressenheller University. Before seeing the letter, Layton requests Rosa, the University's cleaner, to make him a cup of tea. Once reading the letter, Layton dashes out of the door, quickly drinking his cup of tea. When driving down a road, Emmy drives beside him on a yellow motorbike, explaining that she is his new assistant and has been told to assist him on this quest.

Chapter 1: The Fog of Misthallery
Professor Layton and Emmy arrive at Misthallery, searching for Clark Triton's house. Soon, they located Triton Manor and Clark was pleased to see his old friend visiting him. Professor Layton mentioned that he'd received a letter, but Clark did not know anything about a letter and says that it was not him who sent it. Clark then mentions his son, Luke, who has stayed holed up in his room for a while. Layton decides to go and talk to Luke.

Chapter 2: The Boy Who Foretold Disaster
Layton and Emmy discovered that Clark wasn't the person who sent him the letter, it was none other than his son Luke. Luke explains to Layton that he requested his help because a specter was about to destroy not only Misthallery, but the world. Layton was unsure of the specter's existence at first, but believed it because Luke was adamant about the specter's presence.

Chapter 3: The Specter Appears
Chapter 4: The Shadowy Manipulator
Chapter 5: The Witch's Castle
Chapter 6: London's Hidden Secrets
Chapter 7: Third Eye Jakes
Chapter 8: Face to Face with the Specter
Chapter 9: The Specter Becomes Clear
Chapter 10: A Legend Revealed
Epilogue: The Last Gift

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Prologue: The Dark Parade
Layton and Luke arrive in Monte d'Or after Layton receives a letter from his old friend Angela Ledore, informing him that a menacing villain calling himself the Masked Gentleman was terrorizing the town.

Layton and the Luke are enjoying the festivities happening that night, and help a clown get untangled from his balloons. All too soon, the Masked Gentleman appears, causing a riot in the street and turning people to stone. He warns the townspeople that Monte d'Or would soon be destroyed, by using the power of the Mask Of Chaos. He makes his escape by flying off, and so Layton, Luke, and Emmy, who had been conducting her own investigations, chase him down on horseback. He throws smoke bombs at them, which allows him to disappear.

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
The game transitions to days before arriving in Monte d'Or, as Emmy hands Layton a letter sent by Angela Ledore, an old friend of his. The letter outlines how the town has been affected by a series of incidents recently, and requests Layton's help in getting to the bottom of it. The letter mentions the Mask Of Chaos, which Emmy explains is an ancient artifact that grants powers to whoever wears it. She also questions Layton on his relationship with Angela, explaining that he had known her since his school days.

After the Masked Gentleman disappears, Layton and the others decide to investigate the scene; in the process, they help a young girl find her mother, and obtain the Toy Robot mini-game from Guy. They decide to make their way to the Ledore Mansion to give Layton a chance to speak with Angela and Henry Ledore about the Masked Gentleman. On the way, their path is blocked by Frankie, and soon enough Conner comes along to break off their argument with a Battle of Wits. They let the group through after Layton wins the battle.

Layton finds Angela on the balcony of the Ledore Mansion upon entering the estate, and she comes down to invite them inside. They weren't able to talk to Henry, however, as he was out assessing the damage the Masked Gentleman had caused that night. Angela explains to Layton how the Masked Gentleman had stolen the Mask Of Chaos from their home a month prior to the game, and has since turned people into horses, made paintings come alive, and cause people to burn in flames. She notes how it had been 18 years since they last spoke, and 18 years since her lost love Randall Ascot had died. Since Layton wasn't able to speak with Henry to obtain further information, they decide to retire for the night, and Angela informs him she had arranged rooms for them at the Dromedary Hotel on the west side of town.

Before they do retire, Layton wishes to investigate the scene at Carnival Square once more. On the way, they meet Henry's personal assistant, Mordy, who was notified of Layton's expected arrival. They make it to Carnival Square, after it had calmed down and the stone statues were cleared. They encounter a policeman who had found the hoof prints from their horses as supposed evidence, however Layton didn't confess it was them. He recommends they talked to Madame Lapushka for any general information about Monte d'Or, so they search for her in the Merchant District. She tells them the Masked Gentleman had appeared in town a month ago, and believes that his miracles are nothing more than elaborate tricks. After giving Luke the One-Stop Shop mini-game, they head for the hotel.

Reaching the hotel's plaza, they find a frustrated Tyrone, ringleader of the One-Ring Circus, who was about to exile his rabbits out of the circus. Luke decides he wanted to train one, and this gives access to the Rabbit Show mini-game. They enter the hotel, and Pascal, the hotel's manager, arranges their rooms and they settle for the night. Before they retired to bed, Luke and Emmy ask to hear about Layton's past with Randall and Angela, as they believed it could be significant to the case, so he spends the night recounting a story from his past.

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
The young Hershel is seen fencing with Randall Ascot, and eventually Randall wins the bout. This meant Hershel had to do what Randall wanted that night, and they head to Mr. Collins' class. The class have a discussion on Donald Rutledge's work, Ancient Histories, and the ancient Azran Civilization.

After class, they head out of school and meet up with Randall's girlfriend, Angela. Randall tells the two he had something vitally important to show them that night, and that was the Mask Of Chaos, which he had interrupted the class about earlier. He tells them both to meet up at his house that night, and so Hershel makes his way home.

Upon reaching home, Hershel finds his mother, Lucille, flustered with worry that his father Roland Layton had been missing all afternoon, and so she asks him to go searching for him. Eventually, he finds his father at the edge of town, and so they both head home. Layton spends time in his room before dinner, and once done, he leaves for Randall's house.

He meets up with Angela along the way, and they walk the rest of the way together to Randall's house, with Henry Ledore watching them. They signal to Randall at his window that they had arrived, and so he lets them climb through the window. He shows them the real Mask of Chaos, which he had found months ago, and subsequently pulls down a sheet from his wall to reveal a wall filled with scrawls.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
After waking up, Layton, Luke and Emmy revise the events of the previous night, and decide the best course of action to take is to talk with Henry. They make their way to the hotel lobby for Emmy to sight a familiar face that she had seen in Misthallery. She introduces herself as Nanna Grams, and informs the team she gathers unsolved puzzles throughout the story.

Upon leaving the hotel, the team find Cookie, who has once again lost her mother. They decide to escort her to her mother again, and along the way Layton reunites with Esther, an old resident of Stansbury. She tells him it that the town was deserted, and she had been living in Monte d'Or for five years. Soon they make their way to Carnival Square after Sterling and Mordy's direction, and once again reunite Cookie and Tanya.

Layton, Luke and Emmy finally reach the Ledore Mansion to find that Henry was absent once again. Angela shows them into his study with his permission in order to investigate for clues. She explains to them that Monte d'Or, which had started with a small inn, had grown due to the treasure Henry had found in the Akbadain Ruins. Angela then tells them that Henry would bring important guests into his study and would always be present when guests were, meaning a guest couldn't have stolen the Mask Of Chaos. They had kept the mask hanged on the wall, and was stolen while Henry and Angela were home. Layton inquires who could have a grudge against Henry, with Alphonse Dalston coming to Angela's mind, despite not being the type to pull off such a stunt. Regardless, Layton decides the matter warrants an investigation.

The team make their way to the Dalston Mansion, being greeted by his dog. Layton speaks to Dalston about his suspicions on being connected to the Masked Gentleman with gaining advance warnings, however Dalston accuses Angela of being the culprit due to Henry convincing her to allow Randall to go to the ruins. He then directs them to see the mayor who was putting together a special task force to catch the Masked Gentleman, but before they can leave, Dalston's butler Gonzales brings them both a letter from the Masked Gentleman himself. The letter states that he would be appearing once again at the Gallery Plaza that evening. Layton states they would have to warn the task force of this information.

The team soon head towards the other side of the city towards the City Hall, requesting permission from the mayor to speak with the task force. He accepts their help, and directs them to the briefing room where a strategy meeting was about to take place. Here they find Inspector Grosky and Leonard Bloom had been called from London to offer their assistance, despite not getting along with the chief Sheffield.

Shortly afterwards, the strategy meeting begins, and Bloom begins to explain to Layton the details of how the Masked Gentleman had turned people into horses. The incident happened during a parade at night, and while it was reaching a bend in the road, a bright light filled the sky, blinding the onlookers. After disappearing, witnesses discover people had turned into horses. Layton soon deduces that the Masked Gentleman had accomplices who had been hiding horses in the alleyways, and once the bright light filled the sky, they set the horses free into the streets while scattering fake belongings along the ground.

Sheffield then gives Layton a rundown of the case of paintings coming to life. On the morning of the incident, the Montsarton Gallery had received a large number of paintings in air-tight packaging, with instructions to display them at precisely midday. After the gallery had closed, characters that resembled those in the paintings started running amuck in the streets, soon disappearing at sundown. The paintings were investigated to find that the characters in each painting had disappeared. Once again, Layton clears parts of the incident up with questions, and soon theorizes that the paintings were applied with vanishing paint, which would dissolve when exposed to air. Like the previous incident, the characters causing trouble were accomplices of the Masked Gentleman.

The final incident is explained to Layton by Inspector Grosky, which concerns people being set alight. On the morning of the incident, a number of people were invited by the Masked Gentleman to be part of his performance to take place at the Gallery Plaza that day. At one o'clock a crowd witnessed these people burn alive on a small stage in the middle of the plaza; however, these people were found unharmed later that day. After inquiring with a policeman taking part in the investigation, Layton deduces the Masked Gentleman had sent a second letter to the victims, warning them to stay away from the plaza. The victims that were burned in the plaza were expertly crafted mannequins made to look like them. The victims were all part of the same squash club, and had reported some of their clothing being stolen recently. These clothes were used for the Masked Gentleman's mannequins, explaining why the victims were wearing different clothing that day.

Once the meeting is adjourned, Mayor Billson notifies the team of the Montsarton Gallery's reopening, and so they decide to make it their next stop. There they speak to the gallery's curator, Artie, and he tells them Henry had donated a large amount of paintings - so large that some of them had to be stored. Not able to say much more, Artie advises Layton to speak with Madame Lapushka once again.

Layton and the others find themselves at Madame Lapushka's once again. She thinks that the culprit wouldn't be short of money, and remembers that a month prior, Tyrone had rented out a large number of costumes for the circus performers. Thinking this sounded suspicious, Layton decides to visit the circus tent.

Upon reaching the tent, Layton soon questions Tyrone about his decision to rent out the large number of costumes. He explains that while they weren't performing, he didn't want them ruining their uniforms, and so rented out costumes the tourists wear. He then allows them to see Maurice the white tiger, which Layton thinks would be a good idea for Luke to talk to him. The tiger then vouches for Dalston's innocence, telling Luke that he had brought him treats after the previous night's show, ruling out the circus and Dalston as culprits.

Leaving the tent, the team soon realize evening had already fallen, quickly making their way to the Gallery Plaza to catch the Masked Gentleman's next performance. Soon after arriving, the Masked Gentleman appears walking on air above them. He clicks his fingers and many onlookers are lifted into the air, disappearing. Before disappearing himself, the Masked Gentleman informs the team he would be at Pumpkin Park the following night, inviting them as well as the Ledores to attend. He then tells them he can be stopped if they bring forth the Mask of Order, however Layton does not seem convinced.

Before they have time to speculate the legitimacy of the Masked Gentleman's claims, a large number of policemen begin to mobilize the Gallery Plaza. Sheffield then declares that Dalston is under arrest under suspicion of working with the Masked Gentleman. Before he is taken away, he accuses Henry of aetting him up while Angela had been sabotaging him the whole time. Layton assures to Bloom that Dalston was innocent, but simply says that they will know he is innocent if another miracle happens with Dalston behind bars. He lets them know his interrogation would be the following day, and so they retire to their hotel.

Before turning in for the night, Luke urges Layton to continue with his story that he began the previous night. He picks up from where he left off, after Randall had revealed his wall of scrawls to him and Angela.

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
Randall reveals to Hershel and Angela that he had solved the puzzle hidden on the Wall of Norwell after researchers spent many years trying to decipher its glyphs, and he intended to take them both to the site to further explain his findings.

After solving the puzzle on the padlocked gate leading to the forest, they all find their way to the wall. Randall explains that the wall is a large map that points to the location of the Mask Of Chaos. He found the mask in the specified location, along with a stone tablet explaining that the mask itself also contained a map, leading to the Akbadain Ruins situated near Thornley's Gorge. Randall intended to explore the ruins with Hershel, but in frustration, Angela runs away with the mask.

They finally catch her on Memory Knoll, crying with the mask in her hands. Hershel looks on as she reveals to Randall that her brother had never returned from an expedition he set out on, and feared the same would happen to him. Henry then reassures her he would be safe, and that it would be his last expedition, and so she allows him to go. After Henry escorts Angela home, Randall and Hershel return to the Ascot House to gather supplies for their expedition the following morning.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain
Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Epilogue: The City of Miracles

[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Prologue: Setting Off
Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 3: A Day Out in London
Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Chapter 5: Into the Nest
Chapter 6: The Azran Sanctuary
Finale: The Azran Legacy

[edit] Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Prologue [I]: On a Dark and Stormy Night
Professor Layton and Luke are seen in his office at Gressenheller University, waiting for the rain to subside before they left for home. In the meantime, Layton discusses with the Luke the existence of witches and witchcraft in the Middle Ages, where witch trials were held, however despite the existence of witch trials, witches themselves were mere superstition.

Before they can leave the office, Espella Cantabella appears, handing Layton a letter addressed to him by Carmine Accidenti, a former student of his. The letter outlines that he had investigating a town by the name of Labyrinthia, which couldn't be found on any map. He had intended to solve the mysteries of the town, which he thought Espella held the key to solving. In helping Espella escape the town, they were being pursued, and requests that he investigates the town's mysteries in his place. Espella begs that they help Carmine, however Layton was more concerned with her safety.

After letting her rest a little while, Layton asks Espella more about the situation. She explains that she was being pursued by witches, however, she thought she was still in Labyrinthia, as she hadn't heard of any locations outside of the town before. Layton enquires where the town is situated, and so she hands him the Historia Labyrinthia, a book containing a plethora of information regarding the town, its residents, and what is to happen in the town. Upon viewing the book, it appeared to Layton and Luke that the words were moving on the page.

A pigeon begins to tap on the window, and after Luke lets it in, they discover it was a witch in disguise. The witch kidnaps Espella, destroying Layton's office in the process, and so they immediately set out in pursuit of them. After setting out for the Thames Riverside, they find Inspector Chelmey and Barton there, who are investigating a car that had landed in a tree in the park. They are granted access to the site, and immediately discover the car in the tree. Layton and Luke notice a large hand print on the car's bonnet, theorizing that it belonged to the large statue. After returning to Inspector Chelmey, he confirms with them that the driver was Carmine, connecting the incident with the witch. Barton then informs Layton that he had spotted "people in Halloween costumes" on the Tower Bridge, and so Layton and Luke decide to head there, hoping to see the witch.

Upon arriving at the scene, they see a witch, soon disappearing. Going further down the bridge, they spot Espella's cloak, as well as a strange marking on the nearby wall. It opens up, revealing a mysterious room where Espella is found. Layton and Luke rescue her and help her to escape, and so Luke dresses as Espella to throw the witches off while she makes her escape on a passing freight. After the witches disappear and warns the pair that they had "walked into the middle of the Story", the Historia Labyinthia opens up on its own, sucking both Layton and Luke into the book.

Chapter 1: Mysterious Labyrinthia
Chapter 2: The Fire Witch
Chapter 3: The Great Witch
Chapter 5: A Taste of Despair
Chapter 6: Secrets of the Underground Ruins
Chapter 7: The Story's End
Chapter 8: The Final Witch Trial
Chapter 9: The Last Inquisitor
Epilogue: The First Story

[edit] Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

While Layton doesn't make a physical appearance, Commissioner Barton is seen talking to him on the telephone at the end of the game, discussing the recent events involving his son, Alfendi Layton.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Professor Layton and the Curious Village

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "There we go!"
  • "Luke, here's my answer."
  • "That should do it!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Critical thinking is the key to success!"
  • "Every puzzle has an answer!"
  • "Another puzzle solved!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Ah, I suppose I thought wrong..."
  • "Frankly, I'm ashamed..."
  • "Oh, how embarrassing!"

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "Consider this puzzle solved."
  • "This should do the trick!"
  • "And now, to test my theory."

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "And there we have it!"
  • "A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved."
  • "Ha, wonderful!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Well, I suppose that's one possibility eliminated."
  • "Ah, well, I suppose you can't win them all..."
  • "Oh, my, this one is quite formidable..."

[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "I've got a good feeling about this one."
  • "Let's see if I've got this right."
  • "That should do the trick!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Just as I suspected."
  • "Few things satisfy like a puzzle solved!"
  • "Well that's settled!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Hmm, I must have overlooked something..."
  • "I was sure my logic was sound."
  • "Well, if at first you don't succeed..."

[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "A challenging puzzle, to be sure."
  • "Some puzzles must be met directly."
  • "This took some creative thinking!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "I love the thrill of a good solution!"
  • "A gentleman leaves no puzzle undone!"
  • "No puzzle is without an answer!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "It appears as though I've missed something."
  • "What could have gone wrong here?"
  • "A little more thought is in order..."

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "How about this?"
  • "Don't keep me in suspense!"
  • "I believe I have this one."
  • "Just a dash of puzzle solving here."

Young Layton:

  • "I'm not certain..."
  • "Here goes!"
  • "I think this may be it!"

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Puzzles are made to be solved!"
  • "There is no puzzle without a solution."
  • "An excellent puzzle!"
  • "Solving puzzles is truly a pleasure."
  • "That was a challenge, to be sure."
  • "A fine puzzle for a gentleman!"

Young Layton:

  • "Did I get it?"
  • "Puzzles can be quite fun!"
  • "Looks as if I got it!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Let me reconsider that."
  • "Perhaps I need another look."
  • "I'm not certain what happened here."
  • "That's unfortunate..."
  • "Well, that won't do at all..."
  • "A tough nut to crack..."

Young Layton:

  • "Well, I'm hardly surprised..."
  • "Oh, I thought, maybe..."
  • "I need another go at that one."

[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "You know, I think this may be it!"
  • "Let's shed some light on this one!"
  • "Here's my answer."
  • "That should do it!"
  • "This was quite the conundrum."
  • "My intuition should serve me well."

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "Puzzle solving is a most gentlemanly pursuit."
  • "Excellent, if I do say so myself."
  • "Critical thinking is the key to success!"
  • "I think I'm in the mood for another!"
  • "And there we have it!"
  • "A satisfying puzzle indeed!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "Oh dear..."
  • "I shall have to redouble my efforts..."
  • "I must have been careless..."
  • "I better think this over again."
  • "Failure only makes us wiser!"
  • "Frankly, I'm ashamed."

[edit] Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

[edit] After Answering the Puzzle

  • "I've already seen the answer."
  • "Allow me to show you my puzzle solving skills!"
  • "Let's see if I've proven myself!"
  • (With Phoenix) "Let us think about it together."

[edit] Solving the Puzzle

  • "You should expect no less from a gentleman."
  • "That was indeed an intriguing puzzle!"
  • "Come what may, puzzles are there to be solved."
  • "Ah, the joy of solving puzzles!"
  • (With Phoenix) "Every puzzle has an answer!"
  • (With Phoenix) "No objections!"

[edit] Failing the Puzzle

  • "When it comes to puzzles, there's still much to be learned."
  • "This is not as easy as it appears..."
  • "An ingenious puzzle, but a tricky one..."

[edit] Biography


[edit] Professor Layton and the Curious Village

"An unabashed puzzle fanatic, Hershel Layton's skill for cracking the toughest riddles has put his name in the papers many times. His trademark top hat fits him so well, you'd swear that it was part of his body."


[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

"His two passions are solving puzzles and enjoying a good cup of tea. While his job is teaching archaeology, he is also quite the fencer. Many wonder what's under the hat, but only the professor knows the answer to that mystery."


[edit] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

"Though his main passions are solving puzzles and enjoying a nice cup of tea, Hershel Layton is also a highly regarded archaeology professor. His most prized possession is the top hat that was given to him by his sweetheart, Claire."


"Before he considered himself a true gentleman, Hershel Layton used to dress more casually. Until Claire gave him his top hat, he was never seen without his red cap. He became a professor at 27, and he remains young at heart." ~Young Layton


[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

"Though his main passions are solving puzzles and enjoying a nice cup of tea, Hershel Layton is also a highly regarded archaeology professor. He confesses that he frequently falls into the habit of reading a book or two while trying to organize his shelves."


[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

"The perfect gentleman, Hershel Layton's main passions are solving puzzles and enjoying a nice cup of tea. The daring escapades of his best friend Randall led him to become the highly regarded archaeology professor he is today. Though, even he admits he's a tad disorganised."


"Pampered and adored by the people of Stansbury, the earnest 17-year-old Layton is a bookworm and a keen fencer. His archaeological interest at this stage of his life is somewhat lacking, though it's clear that he doesn't entirely dislike being dragged from pillar to post by Randall." ~ Young Layton


[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

"The perfect gentleman, Hershel Layton's main passions are solving puzzles and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Despite discovering he is part of the Bronev family by birth, he will only ever answer to the name Layton. His triumph over Targent brings him worldwide recognition."

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