Reinhold Manor

Entrance of the Reinhold Manor

The Reinhold Manor is large manor located at the eastern side of St. Mystere. It is a home for the Reinhold family.


[edit] In The Game

[edit] Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Reinhold Manor is one of the first locations Layton and Luke must get to to solve the mystery of the Golden Apple. In the Manor you can talk to Lady Dahlia, Gordon, Matthew and Simon. After the death of Simon, you can then meet in the manor Inspector Chelmey.

[edit] Layout

[edit] Entrance

Here is where you can be escorted upstairs by the stairs. In this room there are paintings of Baron Reinhold and painting of Flora Reinhold. Here you can see any doors, but none of them can be entered.

[edit] Manor Palor

This room has an old feeling to it, with the chandelier and the old lookig sofa. Here, Layton meets Lady Dahlia, Gordon and Simon. After Simon's death, Inspector Chelmey is in the room.

[edit] Lady Dahlia's Room

This is where Lady Dahlia stays for some of the game. In here, there are a few books owned by Baron Reinhold and there is a small picture of Lady Viola.

[edit] Puzzles

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